xman tuneup

  1. L5072

    XX trashed to this

    Since @X-Metal Beast posted the before pics of my XX's with his post, have to post follow up pics as well. Here is the finished work compliments of @THE X-MAN. Lenses are custom cuts from @Chris A Hardaway. Large nose bombs thanks to @stevepc74
  2. Migs the Scientist

    Stealth Penny

    Recently purchased these penny that were pretty beat up, including a damaged nose bridge. So off they went to @THE X-MAN He did his magic and brought them back to life! Added new rubber pieces and lenses. I think I will switch to fire iridium in the future. :cool-33:
  3. DG85

    Good month to pick up X Metal

    Made some moves this month, quite happy with the end results! Picked up an XMetal finish Juliet, flex couplers are blown, lenses need replaced but otherwise mint condition everywhere else, $220. I'm tempted to copper plate this frame, but may do just a tune as the frame is mint and source a...