1. Bredon8

    Cyclops X-Metal/Titanium Penny

    I know this revives a topic talked about over and over again but I wanted to bounce it off of the enthusiasts. I got a pair of 1st run Ruby Juliets when the first movie came out and got a pair of Titanium Pennys after the second one. I always thought he actually wore Titaniums because that's...
  2. Patchie

    Finally My First Penny Ruby Purchase lucky 888 -Patchie

    i still cant believe it finally i got her.my dream sunglass.brand new super mint complete in box with the original ruby iridium lenses low serial number XM000888.i am so happy & inlove with my first oakley penny ruby.i just cant get my eyes out of her.i am so inlove just by looking at her.very...