xmetal juliet

  1. U

    For Sale Oakley Juliet c/w Plasma Lenses

    Original Oakley Juliet’s complete with Plasma lenses. I’ve had these for over 20 years and are in excellent condition. They had the nose repinning approx 2 years ago and are still solid. Comes with a rare Will Barros micro cloth case. Looking for £250
  2. U

    Sold Whats it going to take to make a deal?

    HOW MUCH CASH WOULD I NEED TO ADD TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN??? What up guys, and gals! I've been kicking around wanting to trade my Juliet's for a min now, and I've decided to see if there's any interest, but if not then that'll be ok too 😁 What I offering Is my custom ti02 themed Juliet's, that...
  3. AbraxasFire

    Juliets back from the ashes

    I've had them for some time as a two-toned finish, gun metal black nose bridge and stems, exposed metal orbitals, and I really wasn't happy with it. And I did try to enjoy them. Those lenses rattled tho. But I felt it was time for them to rise again from the ashes. From the hands of two...
  4. U

    Sold SOLD Mint Oakley Juliet Infinite Hero

    Selling my mint and complete set Infinite Hero Juliet. bought this brand new and just stayed in storage and display. Lens are perfect but I’ll rate them 9.8/10 just cause there’s no more sticker on it. Frames are perfect. have no visible scratch that I could notice. A flex on the nose bridge...
  5. Z

    X metal juliets

    So I’ve had these original Juliet’s sitting a drawer for 15+ years and now I here they are worth some $$$. Just trying to figure out how valuable they are. So I got these probably in the early 2000’s. I’m pretty sure they were around $350-400 but I had some hook ups so I didn’t pay that. I’ve...
  6. U

    Sold Juliet X-Metal, Juliet TiO2 custom

    Hi all, A few beauty are for grabbed. Each come with an mf bag. 1. Juliet Xmetal with LINEGEAR NXT ICE *Frame has been tuned by LINEGEAR, leaving some minor mark at back of pin Frame: very good condition, no scratch Lenses: NXT Ice, used condition 8/10 Rubber: oem very good condition. TS is...
  7. U

    Sold Xmetal Juliets with hammers $250 shipped

    I have a xmetal Juliet with hammer arms from another xmetal. Mint condition with rubbers and bip lenses. Nose will need a tune up Looking to get $250 shipped and paypalled conus and shipping outside the us you pay the extra. I will also give a deal if you buy the combo of both juliets I have...