xmetal juliet

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    X metal juliets

    So I’ve had these original Juliet’s sitting a drawer for 15+ years and now I here they are worth some $$$. Just trying to figure out how valuable they are. So I got these probably in the early 2000’s. I’m pretty sure they were around $350-400 but I had some hook ups so I didn’t pay that. I’ve...
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    Sold Juliet X-Metal, Juliet TiO2 custom

    Hi all, A few beauty are for grabbed. Each come with an mf bag. 1. Juliet Xmetal with LINEGEAR NXT ICE *Frame has been tuned by LINEGEAR, leaving some minor mark at back of pin Frame: very good condition, no scratch Lenses: NXT Ice, used condition 8/10 Rubber: oem very good condition. TS is...
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    Sold Xmetal Juliets with hammers $250 shipped

    I have a xmetal Juliet with hammer arms from another xmetal. Mint condition with rubbers and bip lenses. Nose will need a tune up Looking to get $250 shipped and paypalled conus and shipping outside the us you pay the extra. I will also give a deal if you buy the combo of both juliets I have...