xmetal vault large

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    For Sale  X Metal Vault Large

    For sale from mu display Xmetal vault with original box and some bonus old sticker from oakley The vault need new foam, the original foam already so damage, so i cut manual by cutter Better buy new foam from other member if you needed Price $125 included shipping from indonesia Payment by paypal...
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    Sold  The X Metal Vault

    Hello Of for sale this X Metal Vault in used condition, the foam inside can still be used. Price 160 allin or best offer ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ).
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    Sold  X-Metal Vault - Large

    This is very good condition. I got it from @Jmgarcia and added the sponge. Just get another unit, so let go one. This is great for display or for pair with your Xmetal when taking picture to sell. Price: 140$ PayPal G&S shipped. Thank you