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    Traded Xmetal XX with prizm field lenses $450

    I have 3 XX frames for sale!! First is a Xmetal XX in mint 9/10 condition with Ice Dillon lenses, The rubbers are in very good condition and the dillon lenses are absolutely beautiful!! Looking to get $old shipped and paypalled Second frame is a Xmetal with red MJ R1 earsocks and Prizm field...
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    Sold Combo deal 2 complete XX frames plasma and xmetal $1000!

    Looking to sell as a combo only otherwise price changes!! First is my Plasma XX complete with box and coin but not matching with ice polarized lenses in mint condition! Second is a mint xmetal XX complete with box and coin but the box doesn’t have a serial number and it comes with prizm daily...
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    Sold Xmetal XX Xman tuned with prizm road

    I have a xmetal XX refinished and tuned by the Xman with prizm road lenses. They will have brand new earsocks! The finish is like new and they are tight as can be, the lenses have light stuff but nothing major or really noticeable. The nose pin has a slight gap, the pin hole is elongated but...
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    Sold Juliet X-Metal, Juliet TiO2 custom

    Hi all, A few beauty are for grabbed. Each come with an mf bag. 1. Juliet Xmetal with LINEGEAR NXT ICE *Frame has been tuned by LINEGEAR, leaving some minor mark at back of pin Frame: very good condition, no scratch Lenses: NXT Ice, used condition 8/10 Rubber: oem very good condition. TS is...
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    Trading Or For sale Matching 24K XX for xmetal XX

    I have a numbers matching 24k XX with box and coin I'm looking to trade for a xmetal XX I don't need yours to have the box or anything but it should have decent lenses. I will also sell for $450 shipped and paypalled Conus OBO and no lowballs please The frame is in good condition but it has...
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    Sold 24k frame X-Metal XX w/24k Gold Iridium lenses

    Hello all. For your consideration, I’m putting my beautiful 24k X-Metal XX up for sale. There’s no matching box or coin, I’m unsure of the generation, and there’s no serial on the left arm. I purchased this X-metal as you see it from Ebay about 6-8 years ago. So are these mint-perfect? No...
  7. iluvmyx

    Ear socks questions

    Ok. Ok. Don't laugh at me, but how t.h does one get those socks on and off?! I'm tired of sending them off to be done by a pro...
  8. iluvmyx

    Oakley Juliet X Metal lenses

    Hi all. This is my first post. I'm the rare female collector. I have a set of plasma fire iridium Juliets that are my every day pair I've had for around 13 years. I put some Black Iridium Polarized lenses in them. Well, I just bought New In Box, a complete set with coin, box, warranty and socks...
  9. waterfreik

    Newbie from Puerto Rico

    Hi all, I am currently in Puerto Rico awaiting this year's second storm tomorrow . We need the rain . Love wearing my Oakleys everyday. They are an everyday tool to protect from the sun. Thanks for the space.
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    For Sale XX 24k with extra lenses

    hello my fellow xmetal enthusiasts! I've decided to let go of one of my prized posessions.. my 24k XX. It will come with box and coin. The model was the last Gen before being discontinued. Frames and lenses are 10 of 10. I will post pix later on today. I'm asking 500 for the sunglasses with...