xs lenses

  1. U

    Sold R1 Jade iridium lenses

    Last one Available R1 Jade iridium lenses Perfect cut with same base curve 8.75 Accurate fitment guaranteed New condition 10/10 XS $OLD R1 $90 PayPal G&S Shipped CONUS
  2. U

    Sold XS Ice Iridium Lenses $90

    Up for sale today is a set of XS Ice Iridium lenses in New Condition! These are OEM not Custom cut Asking SOLD Shipped CONUS
  3. U

    Sold XS VR28 BIP Lenses

    Up for sale today is a set of XS VR28 Black Iridium Polarized lenses in Like New Condition! They have been removed from a Polished Frame upon purchase and kept safe I would rate them 9.5/10 to be fair since the right lens has faint hairlines abrasion only visible from a certain angle. SOLD...
  4. U

    Sold Mint XS Deep Ruby lenses

    Hello Everyone! I am reluctant to sell these beautiful XS Deep Ruby lenses! Never been mounted so far.. Cannot find a scratch on them so listed as Mint to be fair! (9.8/10) Asking SOLD Shipped Canada and US
  5. SolarOracle

    XS X-Metal Frame w/ Titanium Polarized

    Just got a brand new X-Metal Frame today and installed Titanium Iridium Polarized lenses!
  6. U

    Sold OEM X-Squared Fire Iridium Polarized lenses

    In very good condition, I'd give them about 7.5 or 8/10 because of mounting marks (see pics). I don't see any other signs of use. Had these in their original OO6011-04 plasma frame for years, swapped out, remounted, now I'm letting them go. $65 OBO (G&S & CONUS shipping included) Pm for...
  7. U

    Sold XS BIP lenses

    Quick sale here: 1 set of OEM BIP XS lenses. They came from a used frame, no marks that affect vision. Only marks that I could find are mounting marks when I removed from the frame. Asking $65 shipped within the US.