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    For Sale X-metal lenses polarized. New custom cuts.

    Selling very hard to come by lenses. All have right base curve, all oem, satisfaction guaranteed! 1. Romeo 1 emerald iridium polarized 110$ plus shipping. 10/10 ( Sold ) 2. Romeo 1 black iridium polarized 100$ plus shipping. 10/10 3. X-squared OO black iridium polarized 110$ plus shipping...
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    For Sale XSQUARED OO Black Iridium Polarized sku # 6011-08

    Hello OF Up for sale. Also open to trade with Xsquared 24k warranty pair or mint frame only for daily wear. Will add cash 1. A pair of XSquared OO Black Iridium Polarized sku # 6011-08(not the common Black Iridium Polarized) 2. Matching box with with outer sleeve and warranty papers...