xs plasma

  1. U

    Deal XS plasmas

    Willing to sell within the next 3 hours, if not I'll probably just keep em Nose is tight on right side/left needs to be tightened a little bit, no scuffs or dings, lenses have no visible scratches
  2. TheDukeOfIce

    Weird Plasma Colored XS off eBay

    Got an interesting pair in today from eBay- a XS Plasma that seem near X Metal dark (with free junk lenses and rubbers!) At first thought it was a clever fake, but seems to match all legit. It does has a SKU faintly of OO6011-04 for Plasma. Compared it to another XS Plasma and noticeably...
  3. U

    Sold XS Plasma Ice 006001-02 NIB

    Up for sale is a NIB Plasma Ice complete I have 2 so decided to get rid of these Model : 006001-02 Frame : Plasma 10/10 Lens : Ice iridium 10/10 Asking $OLD Shipped CONUS International on your dime
  4. U

    Sold XS Plasma Ice Frame 006011-02

    Hello OF X-Squared Plasma frame in very nice condition. Hinges are tight as well as the nose bridge. Light marks on top of left orbital I would rate overall 8/10 to be conservative (far from a beater) Model: 006011-02 Plasma / Ice 1st option : Frame only with screws and gaskets $350 2nd...
  5. U

    Sold X-Squared Lens Ice Iridium 91-374

    Selling this mint set of Ice lenses for X-Squared Original replacement lenses not CC SKU 91-374 Mint condition! 9.8 /10 No Scratches Very light casting marks on the edges since they have been mounted for display purpose only Asking SOLD Shipped CONUS G&S
  6. U

    Sold XS Plasma Frame Only OO6011-02

    Excellent condition and clean but will give a 9/10 to be fair (slight Movement in the nose bridge) and a mark near the bottom right orbital Frames is from XS Plasma Ice OO6011-02 Comes with Factory Pilot Microfiber bag as pictured Asking $300 Shipped to Canada and US with tracking number...
  7. U

    Sold XS Plasma w/ Ice Iridium Complete Set - 410$

    Hi all, XS Plasma with Ice Iridium for sale. Full disclosure below: Frame: 9.0/10. few tiny scratch on right orbital upper side. Lenses: 9.0/10 just to be careful, as you can see looking through with a light source, these are beautiful lenses. Although, the edge of left lens has small...
  8. U

    Sold XS Plasma with custom cut Torch

    Priced to sell! TRYING AGAIN! lol because I really want the xmetal finish! These are mint warranty frame with no sku and with slightly curved bottom orbital see link for further explanation: http://www.oakleyforum.com/threads/x-squared-frame-size-shape-variation.66432/ Losing money with this...