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    Traded  XS Black and Ducati rubber kits

    CONUS shipping please Ducati sold! $50 for everything else.
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    Buying  X Squared Black Iridium Polarized Lenses

    I am looking to buy a pair of X Squared black iridium polarized lenses. As my original lenses are pretty beat up after six years of daily wear, I am hoping to find a good to excellent set, though I realize I may be looking for a unicorn at this point. Thanks.
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    Trading  12gauge stealth for XMetals

    looking to trade my 12 gauge stealth for some xmetals. The watch has new battery about 2 months old. Crystal is good there is a little scratch on the metal under the 6pm. Shown in pic also the clasp has some silver showing through. The band has been cut to fit medium/small wrist, the box is good...
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    Sold  Mint Carbon XS with box, coin, case

    Have a barely worn xs black carbon with black iridium lens Has been sitting on display, maybe worn about twice. Lens, frame, case, everything is mint. Includes all original items such as box, papers, coin, case all in mint condition. $430. Will also trade for good condition R1 XM
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    Buying  Ice and Fire or Ruby lens for XS - OEM only no custom cut

    Non polarized only Thanks
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    Traded  Like New - Xm X Squared +Xmas Bonus Lenses- 475.00 Shipped/All

    According to new rules.. 475.00 out the door to you. signed sealed and shipped. (it will go insured and priority mail, usually 2-3 days to you) And if you acted earlier, you might have gotten a toaster, but instead iI am selling with a set of fire lens. Great condition. Has everything...