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    Sold  X-Squared X-Metal/Ruby

    X-Squared X-Metal/Ruby. Warranty Frame in mint condition, factory tight, rubbers like new, all OEM. No SKU. Lenses are ruby (not fruby) and they are perfect for wearing, but the iridium is peeling on the outside, bottom of both lenses (see pics 8 & 9). When wearing, the lenses are extremely...
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    Found  XS xm right orbital - or Sell my broken frame

    Hi all, Just wanted to buy a right original XS Xm "orbital". This broke last night when I tried to install new lenses. Hope I have a good luck cos it is a long shot. Or if you want these. Frame oem Xmetal in good condition, LINEGEAR rubber, no lenses. 150$ PayPal G&S shipped. (however not...
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    Sold  Beast's consolidated X-Metal thread

    Prices below are shipped USA PP G&S, International pay for insured priority shipping. PM me for shipping quote 1) XS XM frame - $SOLD (pic 1) XS XM / Ruby warranty frame (no SKU) Frame 9/10 (minor scuff on left orbital, very hard to capture on pictures) Nosebridge factory tight Stems tight...