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    Sold XX 24k

    Xx 24K #1 Frame with loss of paint in some parts, without rubber, nasal bridge is adjusted , serial XG025202A (Photos from 1 to 9) #2 Frame with loss of paint in some parts, rubber in good condition, nasal bridge needs tuning , no serial. (see photos from 10 to 15) Frame price # 1 $Sold...
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    Sold XX 24k 1st gen. 425$ now!

    have a near Mint XX 24k with tungsten polarized lenses It’s in unused condition except lenses ( have iridium marks on one lens) comes with microfiber bag only, price is 425$ plus shipping ( 20$ flat international) . The nose and top orbital have a few slightly off colored tiny spots ( hardly...
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    Sold Unloading sale. Xx xx & xx

    have here a 24k xx with 24k lens: 400 X metal xx with 24k lens and matching box: 495 Xx ruby (I think) lens: 60
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    For Sale 24k xx serialized

    I have here a 24k serialized frame. Ratings: Frame: 7.5/10 nose is just right but not tight, rubbers are non sticky but not new. A few discoloration on the arms. Lens: 8/10 looks nice but I am no grader, Mf bag.... well it’s an mf bag No box no coin. Asking 450
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    Sold XX 24k

    Hi guys today I have a fantastic XX 24k 3rd gen !! This has everything except the box!! The only thing I see is a discoloration on bottom of LH ear stem !! These are absolutely straight and beautiful !! No scraches anywhere ! These have barely been worn !! Bridge is factory tight!! Let's start...
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    Sold Lot xx tio2, xx 24k, juliet 04 147

    For sale lot xx tio2, xx 24k, juliet 04 147 Xx tio2 serial XT 038870A Juliet sku 04 147 Xx 24k Not serial 1 box and coin (does not match) lenses in good condition, with some minor scratches. The frames are in good condition, with with normal details of use. (to see photos) Free shipping...
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    Sold Weekend special!! Copper Plated XX with Extras (Price drop!!)

    I'm selling my copper plated XX with maritime prizm lenses and green ichiro earsocks and temple shocks. This pair is in mint condition got them back from RonkPM not too long ago and have wore them maybe 3-4 times that's it. The lenses are beautiful and the rubbers are 10/10, RonkPM tuned them...
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    Sold Xx 24k w/ 24k 1st gen

    Hello all for sale xx 24k in very good condition, have low used, frame and lenses have very low used mark, very low, the condition is perfect for deily wear, the nose bridge is perfect, very strong no need tune-up service, is 1st gen serial, under first 5k number production, came with bag only...
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 OEM Tungsten Polarized BNIB Lenses

    CONUS shipping please. These came directly from Oakley and not custom cut. Open to trade offers, especially if it involves XX or Romeo lenses and/or frames. Possibly consider an XS or R2 frame if they are not carbon. Own a PB1 frame/lenses/box that I could include within a larger trade if...
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    Deal Like new just refinished XX ti02 black tie

    I recently received these but have a few other projects in the works so unfortunately this needs to go. It's a 24k XX refinished and tuned by the Xman in a black tie combo and this one comes with the shiny plasma orbitals. It has oem BI lenses in good condition not great but has little things...
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    Found XX 24 K and Romeo 2 X-Metal

    Hi O bro and sist, Sold them a few months ago and feel kinda want them back. Specification below: 1. XX 24 K, frame in very good condition, nose tight, lenses good (no lenses is fine). No need box & coin. Found 2. Romeo 2 Xmetal, frame, lenses and rubber must be in very good shape. Got...