xx 24k x-metal

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    Buying  XX 24k box

    Looking to buy XX Xmetal 24K Box w/ coin.... pls pm me ur offer...tia
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    Traded  LNIB XX 24K

    Hi gang. I’m selling a mint condition, LNIB non-serial (post 2004 before SKUs were added) 24k XX. Comes with everything pictured. Missing the spare rubbers, but I’ll throw in an xmetal soft vault instead. Frame and lenses in perfect condition. Not a mark on them. Even the box is nice and...
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    Sold  XX 24k 1st gen. 425$ now!

    have a near Mint XX 24k with tungsten polarized lenses It’s in unused condition except lenses ( have iridium marks on one lens) comes with microfiber bag only, price is 425$ plus shipping ( 20$ flat international) . The nose and top orbital have a few slightly off colored tiny spots ( hardly...
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    Sold  Unloading sale. Xx xx & xx

    have here a 24k xx with 24k lens: 400 X metal xx with 24k lens and matching box: 495 Xx ruby (I think) lens: 60
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    For Sale  Xx x metal complete. For all the xx lovers

    hey so I have this complete xx set. X metal frame 9/10 I am not a professional grader but it looks good to me Lenses is 24k 9/10 I don't see any scratches but again I am not a professional Box is 7/10 serial is clear and matches frame. Foam is missing Coin well the coin is the coin Asking 650...
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    Sold  XX 24K

    Ok I definitely don't want to sell these they are absolutely beautiful!!! Only sign of wear is the tip of ear stems have gold worn off !! The foam in box is also bad !! These are 2nd gen! I have more pictures if you want to see!! 550 OBO conus !! This is complete set even including extra ear...