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    For Sale  2000 XX Black/Black Pol box & Paperwork

    $20 shipped to any of the continental 48 states.
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    For Sale  Xx x metal complete. For all the xx lovers

    hey so I have this complete xx set. X metal frame 9/10 I am not a professional grader but it looks good to me Lenses is 24k 9/10 I don't see any scratches but again I am not a professional Box is 7/10 serial is clear and matches frame. Foam is missing Coin well the coin is the coin Asking 650...

    Serialized X- Metal Unmatched Box/Frame lost and found list

    ** UPDATED 2/11/2018 WITH UNMATCHED BOXES AND FRAME INFO*** I was looking for something like this and didn't see one so I asked someone else that knows way more than I do if there was one and if he thought it would be a good idea and he agreed so here it goes. I'm sure there are a bunch of...
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    Sold  Lot xx tio2, xx 24k, juliet 04 147

    For sale lot xx tio2, xx 24k, juliet 04 147 Xx tio2 serial XT 038870A Juliet sku 04 147 Xx 24k Not serial 1 box and coin (does not match) lenses in good condition, with some minor scratches. The frames are in good condition, with with normal details of use. (to see photos) Free shipping...
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    Buying  XX 24K Box and Coin SKU 04-145

    Hey guys im looking for XX 24K Box and Coin SKU 04-145 in good condition Some me what you have Thanks