xx deep water polar mint

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    Sold  Xmetal XX with Ruby polarized with box $525

    SPF I have FS a Xmetal XX complete with box no serial frame and it comes with ruby polarized. It comes with coin and foam, gaskets and rubbers are in good condition. The ruby polarized lenses are like new used like twice recently cut by the master himself @Chris A Hardaway! Looking to get...
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    For Sale  2 custom pairs of XX, 1 pair in X-Metal, 1 in Plasma.

    So first kiddo is coming soon and need to make some room in the nursery as its getting closer and there is a ton of stuff still to buy for our first . St Patrick's day is the due date . All three of these pairs are in BRAND NEW condition. The first X-Metal is a serialized frame , with Deep...
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    Sold  Xx deep water polarized( SOLD)

    Beautiful set. Already fitted with the most sought after lense everyone wants ( deep water polar! ) box+coin. Everything is mint. 600$ Obro! ( 20$ shipping) Listed a hollow point orange in exchange( please check .