xx lense

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    Sold  OEM XX BI lenses

    New Old stock Don't see any scratches Last XX lense ive been keeping Sold off most my xmetals now and finding a few gems here and there $130 ALL IN to canada and US
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    Sold  XX custom cut rubies

    custom cut rubies from @scienergy, these have been in a pair of daily wearers but are in great condition- would say 8/10. Maybe very minor marks on left lenses. Conus and no trades. Thanks Sorry posted in the wrong forum
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    Sold  XX X-metal with bi lenses and hard case

    XX X-Metal with oem bi lenses for sale. Non serialized These have been my main wear pair for the last couple months, nose bridge is tight- Xman did them late last year-in a great condition. - Frame: minimal signs of wear, very tight 9/10 - Lenses also very good Oem bi - 9/10. right side lens...
  4. L5072

    My new beauties

    thanks to @scienergy for the great refinish jobs on both of these and the custom cut rubies. They look amazing. Also thanks to @Chris A Hardaway for the awsome chrome iridium in the other pair!
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    Sold  Custom cut XX ruby lenses- $70 shipped

    up for sale is a set of custom cut turbine rubies for xx. These were cut by Chris Hardaway and are beautiful. Mounted but never worn. $70 inc shipping CONUS
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    Sold  XX lenses tungsten polarized $65 shipped(price drop)

    I have for sale two sets of of custom cuts for XMetal XX both done by the master @Chris A Hardaway First is a beautiful set of LNIB prizm road! This is a favorite of mine but I purchased a XX that came with a set of these lenses. Looking to get $old shipped and paypalled conus Second is a set...
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    Sold  New XX Xmetal positive red iridium lenses - SOLD

    Bought these from the master Chris Hardaway- PERFECT CUT POSITIVE RED IRIDIUM- They are new and never mounted custom cuts for XX. I just am not a fan of the color but they are beautiful. My quirk in colors is to your benefit- SOLD
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    Sold  Xmetal XX with Ruby polarized with box $525

    SPF I have FS a Xmetal XX complete with box no serial frame and it comes with ruby polarized. It comes with coin and foam, gaskets and rubbers are in good condition. The ruby polarized lenses are like new used like twice recently cut by the master himself @Chris A Hardaway! Looking to get...
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    For Sale  XX (old)PRICE DROP

    Have this Gold Lenses originally from my Emerald Frame which i now Replaced with Emerald lenses. Lense condition 9/10 Comes with Oakley Black Microfiber case $120 Shipped to US and Canada...international will pay extra Now $80 shipped CONUS