xx tio2

  1. U

    Sold XX TIO2 2nd Gen

    Stunning 2nd gen XX TIO2.. with shiny plasma orbitals as per later gen Serial: XTO48245A Near Mint condition, bridge is tight Violet lenses cut from SL in excellent condition New orbital gaskets (from Zach). screws are all good as are rubbers OEM Comes with an IH Micro bag + Extra set of...
  2. XM-I

    Thoughts on lenses that pair well with a first gen XX tio2?

    As seen today in the WOAYWT thread I have chrome iridium mounted currently, I also have fruby iridium that have minor peeling/abrasion (and I ought to get around to sending my XX to @zwc0442 for a tune up, and to clean up any discoloration) but not visibility while mounted, and the original...
  3. U

    Sold XX Ti02 w/ black iridium lenses 2nd Gen - serial xt******A #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this XX Ti02 w/ black iridium lenses, allI have used them very little, the lenses have some mark of cleaning but it is very superficial and it is not appreciated when they are worn, they are in very good condition, the bridge is tight as the first day, the frame has some...
  4. U

    Sold LNIB XX X-metal Ti02 w/ black iridium “1st gen complete”

    Hello Of for sale a like new XX ti02 with black iridium lenses 1st gen, complete and matching number, is under first 10000 of production, I only displayed for low time, never used it, and don’t have oxidation, scratchers or defect, the rubbers and the nose bridge still like the first day, I add...
  5. U

    Sold XX Tio2 1st generation

    Hello All, Working on getting out the rest of my XX's so second to last is this one. The frame is super clean, great contrast between the finishes with no signs of oxidation, sits flat and I really can't find anything else wrong with them. The flex coupler is in great shape, just off of...
  6. U

    Sold 1st gen XX ti02 w/ black iridium

    Hello OF After putting it up for sale and saving it for a buyer, he didn’t decide at the end to buy it and I saved it and I used it a couple of times, I noticed a movement on the bridge and I changed the rubbers on the nose bridge, have New tune-up, now it's like new, the lenses don’t have...
  7. U

    For Sale XX Sale

    Hi Everyone, Price Dropped! I have the following XX for sale: 1. XX Plasma Ice Iridium serialized ($680) Frame: 9.5/10 - A small shiny spot at the nose bridge Lenses: 10/10 - Custom cut ice iridium 8.75 base curve Gaskets: 10/10 - Tight Rubbers: 10/10 - OEM ear socks 2. XX X Metal Sapphire...
  8. U

    Sold XX tio2 near mint. No box

    Looks to have been worn a few times only. Everything is super tight and condition is splendid No box for this 3rd gen set. Comes with microfiber only 500$ shipped. You won’t be disappointed by this finish it looks brand new which it basically is. Frame 10/10 Bridge 10/10 Rubber 10/10 Lens...
  9. U

    Sold Price lower: XX TiO2, full set matching, LNIB

    XX TiO2 in a great condition. Full set matching serial on frame and box. Gen 2, shiny Plasma orbitals. - Frame: no noticeable scratch, 9.5/10 - Lenses: New lenses, Black Iridium 9.5/10. & Scratches lenses included, can be used as display: left lens has big scratch, right lens has a bubble in...
  10. sundance

    Change up: XX-TIO2 surgery/custom

    Good Day All, Thanks to CH I was able to transform my XX -TIO2’s into a pretty kick ass pair of sunglasses. I purchased a pair of XX TIO2’s w/o any ear stems. Then paid way too much for a pair of polished Juliets for thelr hammerstems. I used a Scotchbrite pad (green) to dull the polished...
  11. U

    Sold XX TiO2, very good condition

    Hi all, This pair has been used slightly. It is in great condition all around. It is a first gen bone plasma, but this particular frame the plasma is almost shiny polished. - Frame: Very good, no scratch 9/10. Left arm is slightly raised; the trick is due to a the process of putting the nose...
  12. U

    Sold XX Ti02 black iridium. 2nd gen A serial.

    Like new XX ti02 with original black iridium lenses. Has a couple of casting marks in last picture ( only visible up close ). Frame 9/10 ( casting marks) Nose 10/10 ( tighter than new ) Lenses 10/10 ( no visible flaws ) Rubber 9/10 ( plenty of life left ) Comes with microfiber only. 475$ plus...
  13. U

    Sold XX TiO2

    Condition: -Frame: no scratch, has patina, 8/10 -Lenses: Oem have lots of scratched. Recommended to change. -Rubber: LINEGEAR new rubber ear socks, nosepad is large. Oem gasket (one side is LG), t shox is 15. -Bridge: freshly tuned. It comes with a new mf bag. 330$ OBO shipped.
  14. U

    Sold XX TiO2 frame

    XX TiO2 first gen for sale. Condition - frame: very good, no scratch - rubber: Oem, Large np, small ts, in good condition - Nosebridge: some movement, 7/10, can still be used Selling for 350$, shipping included. Thank you for considering.
  15. U

    Sold XX ti02 w/ black iridium 1st gen

    Hello OBro’s decide to sell one of my special pieces one of my ti02 xx oem and complete, the box lost part of the sponge inside and the label of the one part of the box we’re is the frame and color, the importan label with the serial still in , I use it in very special occasions with much love...
  16. U

    Sold XX TiO2 with oem BI, 2nd gen, very good condition

    XX TiO2 for sale. Very good condition. Frame: no scratch, orbital are shiny plasma, 9/10 Lenses: OEM, a few cleaning mark, 8.5/10 Rubber: earsocks are oem, the rest are LINEGEAR rubber set, TS 15 and NP large (can change to your preference). Nosebridge: tight, (subjective) It comes with an...
  17. U

    Sold XX TiO2, 3rd gen, like new

    A very beautiful XX TiO2, 3 rd generation for sale. Serial: XT052061B Frame: 9.5/10, shiny plasma orbitals. Lenses: 9.5/10, clean & clear. Rubber: 9/10, fresh. This has a feeling like new condition. See detail pictures. 450$ OBO PayPal G&S, EMS shipping incl. Thank you for considering.
  18. U

    Sold Weekend special!! XX ti02 later gen plasma complete with options

    I have a like new complete not matching with box and coin XX ti02 I'm looking to sell. This frame has no serial# and it's basically brand new! I've used it twice but other than that it's just like new. The lenses are black iridium and they are in decent condition definitely wearable but not...
  19. U

    Sold XX ti02 w/ black iridium "1st gen"

    Hello all OLovers a XX ti02 oem 1st gen serialized for sale, came with bag only, very good condition. Serial XT017533 Frame 9/10 don't have oxidation or scratchers Lenses 8,8 or 9/10 have very low cleaning and wear marks but very low and no disturb the visitor still good for...
  20. U

    Sold Used XX Tio2 complete

    Hi guys. Selling a used but complete XX Tio2. Frame is in good shape 9/10. Lenses have scratches that might affect vision. Nosebridge is very loose!!!! Foam inside box has partially deteriorated.. Asking 425 $ - PayPal G&S - shipped.
  21. U

    Sold XX TiO2

    Hey, I'm selling this XX TiO2 for funds for a MM. Asking $350 including shipping to US or Canada OBO. PM me for more specific pictures if you need them. XX TiO2: XT002446/ Box A02447 Lens: 7/10 Several light scratches on the outer lens and several small dots on the inside Frame: 8/10 Some...
  22. U

    Buying XX Ti02 2nd gen or later

    I'm looking for a XX ti02 2nd gen or later. I don't want the dull or bone plasma orbitals. I don't need the box or anything like that. Let me know what you have.
  23. brjn1988

    A pickup and restoration

    I picked up this XX TiO2 the other day and it's fantastic. It will eventually need to have the orbitals refinished but it'll do for now. And my VR28 Pennys have been brought back to life with the help of a master cut from @ChrisAHardaway. Excellent job my friend! Couldn't have asked for more...
  24. U

    Sold XX TiO2

    Hi all, A very beautiful XX TiO2 full set for sale. - Frame: is first gen, with little use, very beautiful, no scratch. 9.5/10 - Bridge: is very tight, like fresh from factory. - Both lenses have some ding that is a few dots each, so still useable. 6/10 (Lenses were accidentally dropped) -...
  25. U

    Sold XX TiO2 complete matching

    Hi all, A very nice complete set matching serial XX TiO2 for sale. 2nd Gen. Frame: no scratch 9.5/10 Lenses: right lens has a scratch about 2mm over the field of vision. Left lens is like new. 9/10 Rubber: oem very good condition. 9/10 Nosebridge: flex a bit, but stay firm when holding one...
  26. U

    Sold XX TiO2 with Oem Black Iridium - like new

    XX TiO2 is like new all around. Frame: 9.5/10, no scratch at all. Beautiful. Lenses: 9.5/10, like new lenses. Rubber: oem like new. Frame and mf bag. 2ns Generation. 490$ OBO PayPal G&S, EMS shipped included (3-7 days). Thank you for looking.
  27. U

    Sold XX TiO2 full set

    Hi all, This beautiful, first gen, complete set XX TiO2 matching serial on stem & box. Full disclosure below: Frame: very good 9/10. Lenses: left very good 9/10, right lens has a scratch about 3mm over the field of vision 7/10 Rubber: very good, oem, like new. Nosepad large and temple 25...
  28. U

    Sold XX TiO2, mint condition, 440$

    XX TiO2, First Gen, for sale Frame: 9/10 beautiful. Lenses: 9/10 like new. A little bit of cleaning mark, but almost unnoticed. Rubber: new Bridge: tight Frame and mf bag. 440$ Shipped. PayPal G&S. Thanks for looking at my listing.
  29. U

    Traded Goldbrook for X-Metal

    Hi all, New in box Goldbrook versus (preferably) an XX TiO2 or XX 24K. It depends on condition, cash added by either side. Each side spend pocket money to ship to each other via EMS or acceptable method. If you want to buy this Goldbrook, I'll sell for 420$ (Or-Best-Offer) EMS shipping...
  30. U

    Sold Mint XX Ti02 Frame - $OLD

    Hi all. For sale is an absolutely mint condition Xman refurbished (xmetal finish plus tune-up) XX Ti02 frame. Completely flawless and super tight! Feels and looks brand new, including new OEM rubber all-round (25 temple shocks installed but can swap for 15 Linegear temple shocks if preferred)...