1. F

    Greetings from a TiO2 Wearer

    Hey guys So I just joined a couple days ago here are some pics of my 12 year old TiO2 pair - they seriously are an amazing pair of sunglasses and well I'd wear them 24 hours a day if I could - then again I guess it isn't illegal to wear sunglasses at night...
  2. spin_nin

    What's the draw?

    Very recently, I purchased my first pair of X-Metals (XX). For me it was curiosity about the level of respect and the loyal following that this series commands from the folks on the forum. I wanted to know what that was all about. I'll admit that, if funds allowed, I'd be on the hunt for an R1...
  3. MagneticG

    Sold XX TiO2 w/Sapphire lens, and extras

    For sale, XX TiO2 in mint condition! Price is $550 shipped paypal F&F or you add fee, US only please. I will shipped USPS priority insured. SOLD The details: -TiO2 frame refinished by X-Man just last month (original finish was 24k) no serial on frame, frame was tuned up at same time so tighter...