xx x-metal

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    Buying XX X-Metal/BI or TiO2 box/matching etc

    Hi all, I’m looking for XX’s In X-Metal/Black Iridium or TiO2. Must have box/papers/coin etc. Must be serial matching. Let me know if you’re tempted to part with anything fitting. Many thanks
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    Sold XX Xmetal w/ black iridium “1st gen”

    Hello all for sale 1st gen XX x-metal with black Iridium lenses, came complete with box, coin and bag, the box is damaged the sponge inside is perfect, the frame and lenses in very nice condition, serial under first 3000 production, nose bridge very strong like the first day , factory tight...
  3. xmetal40

    Changing up the display case

    Just wanted to change it up.
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    Sold XX X-metal with bi lenses and hard case

    XX X-Metal with oem bi lenses for sale. Non serialized These have been my main wear pair for the last couple months, nose bridge is tight- Xman did them late last year-in a great condition. - Frame: minimal signs of wear, very tight 9/10 - Lenses also very good Oem bi - 9/10. right side lens...
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    Sold XX xmetal w/ black iridium

    Hello OF a Xx Xmetal gen 1 serialized with bag only for sale, is used but in very good condition. Serial XX044491 Frame 9,5/10 don’t have scrachers, very good condition Lenses 8/10 don’t have scrachers but the lenses inside are peling, no bothe the vision. Nose bridge 8/10 little...
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    Traded Mars Michael Jordan

    I’m looking to trade these for Romeo 1’s of the same value. I don’t have a box or coin.
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    Sold XX X-Metal

    Condition: Overall condition is very good, mint condition for frame, lenses, rubber & bridge. It comes with an mf bag. 420$ OBO shipped.
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    Sold XX X-Metal w/ Black Iridium

    XX X-Metal in a good condition for sale Serial: XX031586 Frame: very good condition 9/10, a few tiny scratch you can see but nothing major. Lenses: oem BI, 9/10, right lens has small cleaning mark which does not affecting vision. Rubber: Oem in good condition. Temple Shock 15 and Nose Pads is...
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    Sold XX X-metal frame _SPF

    XX X-metal frames- great condition- factory tight nose bridge- has large Juliet nose bombs. Will only need orbital gaskets with or without lenses option. Oem xmetal finish/ non serialized. These are beautiful frames. BI lenses are 9/10 and OEM- pics if requested $320 frame only CONUS $370...
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    Sold XX X-metal with ruby lenses $390

    XX X-metal frames with custom cut oem ruby lenses. Just back from a tune up. Frame/Finish- 10/10 Lenses- 9/10 Rubber- 9/10 Sold- Not interested in trades- will ship international on buyers dime
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    Sold XX X-Metal, like new condition

    XX X-Metal for sale. It has been used two or three times, nosebridge is drum-tight, in a like new condition. (see our trading feedback for item as described) - Frame: no scratch, very new 9.5/10 - Lenses also very good condition 9/10 (right side lens show some cleaning mark) - Rubber: very...
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    Sold XX X-Metal

    For sale is an XX X-Metal. Frame is very good without scratch. 9/10 Lenses: good condition, 8/10 with cleaning mark. Rubber: Oem, very good condition, 9/10 Nosebridge has been tuned up. Feel tight (subjective) It comes with an mf bag. 400$ OBO PayPal G&S, shipping included. Thank you for...
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    Sold XX X-Metal full set matching - LNIB

    Hi all, This is a Like New In Box, collector grade XX X-Metal. It comes with everything sans box foam. Frame: a few dark spot, probably from reaction with melted foam. 9.5/10 Lenses: like new, no scratch, 9.8/10 Rubber: oem like new Bridge: very tight Box is crisp and has no tearing, coin...
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    Sold XX lenses tungsten polarized $65 shipped(price drop)

    I have for sale two sets of of custom cuts for XMetal XX both done by the master @Chris A Hardaway First is a beautiful set of LNIB prizm road! This is a favorite of mine but I purchased a XX that came with a set of these lenses. Looking to get $old shipped and paypalled conus Second is a set...
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    Sold XX X-Metal w/ Blk Ird complete set

    I was buying XX X-Metal and end up getting more than I need. Now looking to let go one. This one is a 98% complete (outer box has no barcode, that is the 2% missing) Frame: 9.5/10, no scratch. Lenses: 9.5/10. Both left & right are scratch free. Rubber: all oem otherwise stated. Earsocks...
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    Found XX Xmetal serial frame

    Looking to buy an XX Xmetal oem, NOT custom finish, SERIAL frame. Just want a working frame (because we have lots of lenses, rubber & can tune them up), .....but let me know what you got in conversation and we work from there. Thank you. Waiting to put these lenses on them.