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    Buying  XX nose bombs/15 T shocks -- might also trade Romeo nose bombs

    No idea why I never see XX nose bombs. Could use a couple of sets.
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    Sold  XX X-Metal full set matching - LNIB

    Hi all, This is a Like New In Box, collector grade XX X-Metal. It comes with everything sans box foam. Frame: a few dark spot, probably from reaction with melted foam. 9.5/10 Lenses: like new, no scratch, 9.8/10 Rubber: oem like new Bridge: very tight Box is crisp and has no tearing, coin...
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    Traded  XX w/Deep water prizm.

    For sale XX XM finish with best combo dwp lenses. non serialized with box. All is 9/10. No scratches or wear on lenses. 600$>575$! Plus shipping firm. Thanks for checking!
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    For Sale  2 custom pairs of XX, 1 pair in X-Metal, 1 in Plasma.

    So first kiddo is coming soon and need to make some room in the nursery as its getting closer and there is a ton of stuff still to buy for our first . St Patrick's day is the due date . All three of these pairs are in BRAND NEW condition. The first X-Metal is a serialized frame , with Deep...
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    Found  X metal Hammerstems

    looking to purchase a set(even one will do) of Xmetal finish Hammerstems. Please pm pictures and Price. Thank you. It might come from an x metal XX or Xmetal R1. Maybe some prefer the straight /curve ear stems or maybe some has them lying around somewhere. I can buy or swap with Straight /Curve...
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    Sold  XX xmetal w/ black iridium 1st gen #SOLD

    Hello all for sale a XX Xmetal with black Iridium lenses, all is oem and original, frame and lenses have a brand of use, the lenses have nothing to prevent or disturb the vision, are perfect to use day days, the rubber is also used but in perfect condition, the nose bridge is tight as the first...
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    Sold  XX X-metal w/ black iridium 1st gen SKU: 04-120- #SOLD

    Hello all for sale this awesome and like new xx, 1st gen, all is oem from factory, in very good condition, no use, placed just once or twice, don't have scrachers the frame or lenses, all is perfect, came with my-bag, papers and xtra rubbers, unfortunately the box was saved and picked up...
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    One more X-metal xx and my first case.

    Got the XX a couple days ago and today I got to pick up my first case.
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    Sold  Xmetal xx

    Have an xx in xmetal for sale with ice iridium oakley lens and aftermarket jade irdium lens. Frame is in good condition except right nasal bridge connector is slightly loose and has a gap. Left is tight. No serials. Wearable but borderline needing a tuneup and price reflects this. Please refer...
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    Sold  X-Metal Vault & Custom Gold R1 lenses

    I've decided to have a bit of clear out to make a bit of room, so listed below are some items I’m putting up for sale…. LNIB X-Metal Vault, only ever used for display and in Like new condition inside and out, original foam is unmarked, comes with original box. £100 shipped within the UK… $150...
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    Sold  Various X-Metals (R1, XX XM, XS OO BIP, Juliet Black Tie) & more

    I have put together a consolidated thread of almost everything that I am selling. I am travelling right now, so I will add all pictures on Monday when I get back home. Some I have on my phone so I'm adding right now Prices include Shipping ConUS, G&S (for seller protection I can only ship to...