xx xmetal

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    Sold  Complete XM XX

    I’m hoping for a R1 or XX Plasma that’s incomplete or just a frame would even do. Would also consider Ti or XM penny Frames 9.5/10 - I can’t spot any wear Lenses 9.5/10 - spotless Soft Vault 9.5/10 - no wear Box 9.0/10 - label has a lil wear as seals broken Foam 8.0/10 - it’s getting crumbly...
  2. Jim the Rebel

    XX X Metal, 3 piece box

    Ended up grabbing this beauty today. Wasn’t able to get the Xeus pair and figured I’d go check this one out ($440). The entire frame is mint, lenses only have a pin point or two. Extra rubber is untouched, the guy only wore the pair for two weeks and kept it in the closet since then.
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    Sold  Combo deal 2 complete XX frames plasma and xmetal $1000!

    Looking to sell as a combo only otherwise price changes!! First is my Plasma XX complete with box and coin but not matching with ice polarized lenses in mint condition! Second is a mint xmetal XX complete with box and coin but the box doesn’t have a serial number and it comes with prizm daily...
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    Sold  Xmetal XX Xman tuned with prizm road

    I have a xmetal XX refinished and tuned by the Xman with prizm road lenses. They will have brand new earsocks! The finish is like new and they are tight as can be, the lenses have light stuff but nothing major or really noticeable. The nose pin has a slight gap, the pin hole is elongated but...
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    Sold  LNIB - XX X-Metal, full set, matching serial

    Hi all, XX Xmetal (Like New In Box) for sale - Full, mint, matching serial, great for collection for XX XMetal fans - Frame is 10/10 - Lenses are mint - Bridge is incredibly tight - Rubber perfect - Box, coin, sponge (NA), paperwork, spare rubber Price: 585 $ OBO PayPal G&S, EMS shipping...
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    Sold  XX X-Metal Frame only

    Oakley XX X-Metal for sale. This is a mint frame, non serial, oem rubber very good: nosepad is large, TS is 25. Nose bridge is tight (subjective). It comes with an mf bag. Price: 390$ OBO, PayPal G&S, EMS shipping included. Thank you for considering.
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    Sold  XX xmetal $440

    Have two sets and need to move one- set is in immaculate condition and just had recent bridge tune up and refinish- Newer gen so unserialized- all rubbers are new - has Juliet nose-bombs- and lenses are custom cuts chrome iridium from Chris Hardaway. CONUS preferred - not interested in trades $440
  8. L5072

    My new beauties

    thanks to @scienergy for the great refinish jobs on both of these and the custom cut rubies. They look amazing. Also thanks to @Chris A Hardaway for the awsome chrome iridium in the other pair!
  9. U

    Sold  XX

    Beautiful xx x-metal for sale- just had a refinish and nose tune from the x-man. Includes everything you see. Non serialized. Decided to keep
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    Sold  Xmetal XX with Ruby polarized with box $525

    SPF I have FS a Xmetal XX complete with box no serial frame and it comes with ruby polarized. It comes with coin and foam, gaskets and rubbers are in good condition. The ruby polarized lenses are like new used like twice recently cut by the master himself @Chris A Hardaway! Looking to get...
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    Sold  .

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    Found  XX Xmetal serial frame

    Looking to buy an XX Xmetal oem, NOT custom finish, SERIAL frame. Just want a working frame (because we have lots of lenses, rubber & can tune them up), .....but let me know what you got in conversation and we work from there. Thank you. Waiting to put these lenses on them.
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    For Sale  Flex Couplers for X Metals: Now with full body hugs <3

    Friends, I'm happy to finally offer new and unique Flex Coupler replacement parts available. Fits Juliet, XX, X-Squared, Penny, Mars & Romeo 2. This is a design I've been working on for several years since I broke open my first X Metal bridge and discovered what the Flex Coupler piece looked...
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    Sold  XX X-metal w/ black iridium 1st gen SKU: 04-120 #SOLD

    Hello all, for sale this awesome and like new xx, 1st gen, all is oem from factory, is used for two times only and rest in the tower, in very mint condition, don't have scrachers the frame or lenses, all is perfect, came with my-bag only, I put 9.8 but its status is 10. Condition LNOB / MINT...
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    Sold  X-Metal Vault & Custom Gold R1 lenses

    I've decided to have a bit of clear out to make a bit of room, so listed below are some items I’m putting up for sale…. LNIB X-Metal Vault, only ever used for display and in Like new condition inside and out, original foam is unmarked, comes with original box. £100 shipped within the UK… $150...
  16. SiRacer420

    A few new pieces for the collection

    A few weeks ago, while on my hunt for more things to add to my collection, I found a guy selling his entire collection. I made him an offer for the whole lot and he accepted it. I then had to convince him to set up a paypal account and ship them. He said in the ad that everything was like new he...