1. U

    For Sale  Pro M Frames

    What’s going on OF fam. Got three Pro Ms for sale. One is a yellow with black icons and socks new condition worn once lens is scratch free no blemishes at all. The lens is a gold iridium heater. Second is a polished black white icons white socks. New condition never work or left my house has...
  2. MR2000

    Are Oakley Polished Clear Frames worth?

    We all know clear, transparent frames of the past would go yellow as they age, mainly because of the UV absorption. Does this happen with Oakley Polished Clear Frames? Are they made out of o-matter as other frames? Or is it another type of polymer? I've seen some old Oakley frames for sale...
  3. U

    Sold  Radar EV Pitch - Polished Silver, Prizm Field

    Dudes, I have a new custom pair here for sale... Model: Radar EV Frame Colorway: Polished Silver Lens: Prizm Field, Pitch Icons: Polished Black Earsocks: Yellow All items are brand new, earsocks, lens, frame... Good pair to wear or breakdown to customize your other Radars. Looking for $65...
  4. U

    Sold  GENTEI Frogskins - Night Rider - one of 100 - boxed + Pop Card

    Gentei Frogskins with box, cleaning bag and pop card - one of 100 ever made - like to be seen in the pictures - not worn, only displayed » asking 400 $ OBO incl. shipment » payment via PayPal G&S
  5. U

    Sold  Straight Jacket Yellow w/ black iridium Gen1

    Hello again OFamily for sale. Is a straight Jacket first gen yellow frame with black Iridium lense, all in oem, have very low wear, and don’t have defect or scrachers, came with bag only. SKU: 04-043 Frame 9,8/10 Lenses 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,8/10 Price $170 allin, shipping with tracking number...
  6. U

    Sold  Various Gearbox Watch Sale

    I'm putting multiple Gearbox's in this same thread so I can't post more than 15 pictures but if you want more please PM me. There are 4 Gearbox's listed so you will have to scroll :) Brushed case with Black and Tan Face, new never worn just display, with white sleeve, black box, and ballistic...
  7. U

    Found  Radarlock Path lens

    Looking for a clear, yellow, persimmon, or G40 lens for my Radarlock frames. Non-vented preferred. I know you're not using all those "second" lenses that came with it! ;) Hook an O-bro up! Message with any offerings. Thanks!
  8. U

    Buying  Oakley Minute Machine Yellow Face

    Trying to get the last watch for my collection that I neee I'm looking for the minute machine with the yellow/orange face I know they're very rare and I'm willing to pay within reason please pm if you have one for sale or know of someone who may part with theirs
  9. U

    Buying  Yellow Face Minute Machine

    Im looking to Purchase a Yellow Face Minute Machine, if anyone has one for sale or knows anyone selling one please let me know
  10. jdd32

    1st Gen Plasma / Titanium restoration

    The first gen plasma/titanium coatings are unique but unfortunately are prone to tarnish/yellowing, black stain corrosion, and eventually getting rubbed off into a polished/sheen patches. My previous approach of restoring these frames had addressed the yellowing and about 90% removal of black...