zero 0.1

  1. Carbon wheel

    English is very hard to me but fun collecting O,,,,

    thank you for reading How to distinguish zero 0.1 generation?
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    Sold Zero 0.1 - Brushed with Black Iridium

    Picked this up locally a while back and they've just been sitting in my case. I'm not going to wear them; hoping to pass along to someone who will appreciate them more. Frame is in excellent condition!! No cracks and rubbers are near perfect. Lenses on the other hand are in used condition...
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    Sold Boxes Penny x Metal, Romeo 2 Polished, Zero 0.1

    Boxes penny x metal, $105 Romeo 2 Polished, 105 Zero 0.1, $60 Pay By Paypal The prices have included the value of the shipment to the united states.
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    Sold LNIB Oakley 0.1 Zero 1 Black Iridium “THE ORIGIN”

    Hello OFamily I have 3 Of this historic frames and decided to sell one set, soo for sale a old school Zero, the original 0.1 Like new in box, the 0.1 Black iridium It is one of the most desirable old school glasses by the most enthusiastic collectors of the brand, produced in 1993, it is one of...
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    Sold Lot of Zero's - 4 glasses old school " zero 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 & subzero 0.6 "

    Hello OBro's I thinking in sell mi rest of zeros and sub zero only frames and bags, this is a lot, for the 4 glasses, I can send more pic in private, can't up more of 15 pic in the tread. 1) Zero 0.1 brush w/ black iridium Lenses 9/10 Frame 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 2) Zero...
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    Buying Zero 0.1

    Interested in seeing if i can find a pair for a reasonable price.