1. U

    Sold X2 Zero’s #SOLD

    Hello OF I put these two zeros for sale, they are in perfect condition, have not been used, they are like new with out defects, unfortunately I do not have the boxes, come with the micro bags. I put the price for each one, buying the two together would lower the price New Zero Black Chrome /...
  2. U

    Sold New Zero “Ducati Corse” Dark Grey w/ Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily I put on sale this beautiful ducati corse, it has a very fine line on the right side of the lens and it can be seen in the photos, I have never used it but when cleaning they have appeared, came with normal microbag. SKU: 12-664 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 price...
  3. O

    Is this stuff true?

    This is a really cool article about Jordan, I didn't know he was so closely affiliated with the brand. Sorry if this is common Oakley knowledge, it's new to me.
  4. U

    Sold Zero 0.1 - Brushed with Black Iridium

    Picked this up locally a while back and they've just been sitting in my case. I'm not going to wear them; hoping to pass along to someone who will appreciate them more. Frame is in excellent condition!! No cracks and rubbers are near perfect. Lenses on the other hand are in used condition...
  5. U

    For Sale New Zero Ear/Nose kit

    New Zero Earsock/Nosepad kit. 2 of them, one of them the foam inside the packaging is deteriorated and crumbling. Everything else is fine. $20 a piece plus shipping.
  6. Oaks4me06

    Which Zero Version?

    What Zero sunglass version is this? One of my good friends picked it up for me since he knew I liked Oakleys years back. Any further history on when it was released or any other cool facts? Is this worth keeping in the display case, I am mostly an x-metal fan?
  7. U

    Sold Beaters $30

    Lot Beaters Beaters Price for each $ 30 Pay with Paypal Shipping to the United States $ 5
  8. U

    For Sale O-Matter

    Multiple O-Matter frames for sale, PM if you have questions or offers. Thanks! Used polished black garage rock-$30 Fathom Garage Rock never worn-$80 Used SI Fuel Cell-SOLD Pilgrim Frogskin NIB-$100 Zero used-SOLD NIB TDF Eyeshade-$100
  9. U

    For Sale Zero S Black Crystal/Black Iridium-bnib

    For sale is a BNIB pair of Zero S, sku 05-310. First introduced in 2004, this model is one of my personal favorites, and I have had both pair for years. Price is $175 delivered US. Outside US please PM. Second pair is used with good rubbers and frame. The lens has some scratches. I am...
  10. U

    For Sale BNOB New Oakley ZERO L Night Camo/G30 Black Sunglasses

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome frame, very nice pair, in new condition, don't have box but I add a oakley camo bag, only have exposed in the tower don't have scratchers or defect in frame or lenses. Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Price: $200 $180 allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, fees and...
  11. U

    Sold BNIB Custom EVZero Pitch

    For sale is a pair of Zero's made with another pair (professional switched arms on two brand new pair, at the dealer). Price is $sold delivered in US. Everything on these is brand new and unused. Frame: Polished White SKU: OO9410-0338 Icon: Blue Lens: Jade Iridium SKU: OO9383-0338 Style...
  12. U

    Sold Zero 0.6 Carbon Fiber w/ Persimmon

    Hello for sale one of my Zero's this time 0.6 carbon fiber frame in like new condition only put for take a selfie and ever exposed in the tower, the lenses have any cleaning mark but can't get in the pics is very very little, excellent condition and difficult to get new, have all the box...
  13. U

    Sold Zero Ducati dark grey w/black iridium #SOLD

    Hello all for sale other OF my Ducati frames, this time brand new zero Ducati dark grey with black Iridium lenses, came with Ducati bag only, don't have scratchers very mint. Description: BNOB / MINT SKU: 12-664 All is 10/10 Price $145 allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, shipping with...
  14. U

    Sold Zero Ducati dark grey w/ black iridium LE " box and papers " #SOLD

    Hello all... For sale Zero Ducati dark grey w/ black iridium Limited Edition box and papers, good condition, complete your frame or for your ducati collection. Price $27 #SOLD allin PayPal g&s. Thanks for look.
  15. U

    Sold EV Zero Path - Planet X / + Red Iridium LNIB

    Worn five times, still perfect. Planet X Frame and Positive Red Iridium Lens. Matching MF bag, extra nosepiece, paperwork and soft vault. Price SOLD delivered US. PM for outside US please, and thanks for looking!
  16. U

    For Sale Zero 0.4 Glitter Gulch/Gold - with box..

    Hi guys, Got this pair from a former rep, who used it as a demo - hence the slightly worn box. SKU# 05-204. Box has an extra un-intended label on one side - see pictures. Frame and rubbers are spotless - after careful inspection I can't find any issues.. Lenses have a few very small peripheral...
  17. U

    Sold Zero New 0.4 squared Joker w/ Gold Iridium Sku: 05-257

    Hello al OBro's for sale this awesome And Classic Zero, very dificult To get in this condition, only display, don't have wear, came only with my-bag, no box. Condition: LNOB/MINT Sku: 05-257 Lenses 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $200 $190 Allin. Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking...
  18. U

    Sold New Zero 0.4 Squared FMJ 5.56 w/ Fire Iridium SKU: 05-268 #SOLD

    Condition USED The frame and lenses are used but in excellent condition , lenses have some marks of use but very superficial, does not affect or bother the vision , the lens has a center line , as shown in the picture, came with bag only, Is normal frame, no small squared. SKU...
  19. U

    For Sale Fernando's sales " Consolidate tread " New: All prices drop "

    Welcome to my consolidate sales thread... General Information: Payments in paypal G&S All prices include shipping Worldwide from spain. Additional pictures available upon request. Trades I would consider: Carbon Fiber Money Clip 40 Years Anniversary Book Robotic Store f. Carbon carabine...
  20. U

    Sold Mint Zero 0.4 sleet w/ Black Iridium SKU: 05-104

    Hi family, For sale My other Oakley Zero sleet with Black Iridium lenses in mint condition, came with mf-bag only, dont Have rubbers in The arms. SKU: 05-104 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 nose pad 9/10 Price $150 $140 g&s shipping And fees included. Thanks For look.
  21. AndersonBR

    My small O' collection

    Hello, here is my small collection of sunglasses, where I live in Brazil is very hard to find rare sunglasses, and the cost is too high to have a large collection. Magnesium m frame w/ Hybrid s Black Iridium Zero .4 w/ Platinum Emerald
  22. U

    For Sale More, more and more... 17 frames for sale.

    Hello family, I need to make space in the room for new purchases, I put on sale a part of my collection, bnib and bnob, price in g&s in paypal, shipping included. BNIB: 1) New Eye Jacket Electric Mustard w/ Black Iridium - sku#04-305 - $160 #SOLD 2) New Eye Jacket Pearl w/ Black Iridium -...
  23. Linegear Japan

    40% OFF on replacement for Oak Flack Jacket, Racing Jacket, Radar & Radarlock

    Dear all, We hope you had a relaxed year end. From January 6 2015, we offer a 40% OFF discount for replacement lenses & rubber for, with a few picture as sample: 1. Oakley Flack Jacket (rubbers only) 2. Oakley Racing Jacket (lenses only) 3. Oakley Radar (rubbers & lenses) 4. Oakley...
  24. Julinbhz

    Some history - Collection

    Hello friends, I would like to share my collection with you. It's pretty difficult to make it here in Brazil, specially because Oakley has a fresh history here. So I have been collecting for a long time. I hope you enjoy it. There are some rarities, and they are brand new in the box. :)
  25. U

    Sold Zero 0.4 sleet w/ Black Iridium Sku#05-104 #SOLD

    hi all family, I have these repeated zero 0.4 sleet frame with black iridium lenses sku#05-104 and I would like to trade them for some frame that does not have, I also interested in a CFMC, the glasses are in perfect condition, lenses have some brand use, but nothing serious, or to disturb or...
  26. Dave Shade

    Another gem..

    Sub Zero 1n So, I picked these up on ebay. They were listed for $299.95 BIN. I made an offer of $225 ended settling on $249.95
  27. Dave Shade

    Another gem..

    Sub Zero 1n Listed for $299.95, I offered $225, ended up settling on $249.95.
  28. Linegear Japan

    NEW Release: Oakley Radar replacement lenses - various super cool colors available

    2 categories: normal lenses and vented one (edge looks like fish tail, for air coming in) 10 colors in each category- customize whenever you need and depends on wherever you go ;) Blue Light Blue Clear Green Light Pink Light Orange Light Yellow Red Rubyclear Slate (Silver mirror)
  29. Linegear Japan

    Racing Jacket replacement lenses join Linegear selling items

    Dear all, Linegear has just added replacement lenses to a popular frame: Oakley Racking Jacket. Some nice and different colors are: ruby clear, light blue, green, light orange, light yellow, light pink, blue, red & slate mirror. See this link for detail, or make an order. Items in LINEGEAR...
  30. U

    For Sale Old School Sunglasses for Sale

    here i have a couple of oakley sunglasses for sale. they old school models, maybe some of you are looking for adding it to your collection. 1. Oakley valve Platinum with Gold Iridium lenses condition frame 8/10 lenses 9/10 it comes with box, papers and microbag asking price us$120 OBO pics...