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1,000th post and a year after... (updated as of 07/27/16)



Updated collection is posted here on 22 May 2017:
iamFLIP's problem

First, I just want to thank this community for making this a great site.

So, after a lot of selfies and welcome posts, I reached my 1,000 posts milestone and almost 1st year anniverssary as a member.

Anyway, from 2002 until 2013, I basically used my only 2 pairs of Juliets. Then my wife gave me a pair of SI Straight Jacket for Christmas 2013 and Ferrari Tincan the following Christmas. I started to search online for other Ferrari frames and that's when I found this site. After seeing what other members have, I decided to start my own small collection. Knowing that I am not a completist or a purist, it was easy to come up with a few goals:
  • collect just what I wanted to wear
  • get 8 to 12 pairs of Juliets so I don't change lenses too often
  • get at least one of each of the other X-Metal frames
  • get one watch for daily-wear
Fast forward a year, I now have 16 pairs of Juliets, 7 XS, 3 Romeo 2.0, Mars, XX, Romeo, Penny, Half-X, OTT, Pit Boss 1, Pit Boss 2, 4 Splice, a few O-Matter/wire frames, and 10 watches.

I am not expecting this collection to grow a lot more. I exceeded my previous goals and pretty happy about it. New goal is to trade up and will be looking to get a polished (and/or maybe a rootbeer) PB1, Time Bomb II, C-Six, and (maybe) another MM/HP.


Juliets (from top to bottom, left to right): custom reversed tiO2/bip | custom tiO2/prizm road | plasma/emerald | plasma/violet polarized | plasma/fip | polished/sapphire polarized | carbon/24k polarized | carbon/ruby polarized | xmetal/ruby | plasma/ice polarized | plasma/prizm daily polarized

plasma/fip XS | carbon/bip XS | xmetal/ruby polarized XS | fmj/fire OTT | xmetal/ruby Mars | polished/ice XS | carbon/bip XS | xmetal/ruby XS

titanium/vr28 black Penny | emerald slate Ichiro Juliet | blue Ichiro Juliet | matte black/bip Pit Boss 1 | matte black/bip Pit Boss 2 | Ducati XS | Ducati Juliet | Ducati Juliet

xmetal/bi Romeo | plasma/ice polarized Half-X | carbon/bi Romeo 2.0 | polished/ti Romeo 2.0 | carbon/bi Romeo 2.0 | robotic Storefront #438 | 24k XX

TLD Phobia Gascan | fmj/fire Splice | black chrome/black Splice | gunmetal/emerald Splice | rootbeer/gld Splice | Ducati Fives | Ducati Gascan | Ferrari Fuel Cell | Ferrari Tincan Carbon | Ferrari Tincan | Ferrari Jupoter Carbon | SI Straight Jacket | matte black/prizm road Flak 2.0 | matte white/prizm daily polarized Flak | IH Split Jacket (gray lenses) | IH Split Jacket (violet lenses)

white dial fuse box | red dial crush | white dial saddle back | ti/ti band Gearbox | stainless bracelet Double Tap | stealth Double Tap | black/tan Gearbox | red dial Minute Machine | orange dial Hollowpoint

Kid and wife's sunglasses: black/blue XS Fives | polished black/black Quarter Jacket | polished black/+red polarized Jupiter Square | black/bip Given | black/bip Frogskin | breast cancer awareness Overtime

Thank you for reading!

Ongoing purchases will be posted here: Hi! i am FLIP and I have a problem...

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Congrats on your milestone post, and exceeding your goals. Also, thanks for sharing that collection. That is an awesome display. Looking forward to the next 1k post.


Oakley Expert
very nice pieces and very well displayed collection bud!
congratz on the milestone... i wish i had space for display all the glasses and watches!
beautifull bro!

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