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Sold 1 of 3 Signed Oakley Heritage Eyeshades by Jim Jannard - Seafoam with Grey Mint in Box

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I need funds ;) I rarely sell items off to get funds, but I need funds for a large special purchase, so I am selling some of the rare few items that I have in the collection signed by Jim Jannard.

Technically this was a set of 3 Eyeshades - Seafoam with Grey, Black with Grey, and Fog with Grey that I have in the Collection signed by Jim.

This is an AMAZINGLY RARE opportunity to own something signed by Jim Jannard. Think of how often he actually signs products, and think of the next time you will ever see him to have him sign something - probably never! Own an amazing piece of history.

I personally think it was amazing to have Eyeshades and Razorblades that are signed since they are some of the original Oakley models.

These Heritage pairs are all complete with pins and warranty cards and everything that originally came with them.

Each Eyeshade and Razorblade is $225 CONUS shipped, or I will take $615 for all 3 Eyeshades and $615 for all 3 Razorblades together.
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