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  1. 1970BNER

    1970BNER Oakley Beginner

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    Hi everybody,

    Newbie here, I first wanted to start out by say how cool it is to see so me folks down for the Frogs!

    With that said, I wanted to get some feedback on trade value on a pair of Frogs. I just acquired was a pair of BINB 1st generation Frogs in the box with all original paper work matte white with purple/violet iridium(not sure the proper color way name)?

    As Rad as these are I am looking to trade for a pair of Oakley 1st generation Pro Racing Jackets in pearl white with brown iridium lenses in as good shape as my pair and wanted to know if this is a a realistic trade..?

    Any and all feedback would be welcomed and appreciated..

    PS-once I figure out a third-party picture host I'll try to post some pictures...

    Thanks for reading my post...
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