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Hi O-Forum,

Selling my First Generation Ruby / X-Metal sunglasses. I have given the most accurate description and their history below.

History: Purchased from an old surfing shop in QLD, Australia in 2012. They came in an old Oakley box (I think it was Splice or something). Amazingly they were mint and untouched, the owner said he was spring cleaning and found them as old unused stock.

Lens: 9.5/10. Mint condition with deep purple hues as you can see (the camera still doesn't do them justice). If you hold the lens up to the light (spotlighting) there are a few micro-marks but nothing worth specific mentioning. You wouldn't even notice them if I did not mention it.

Frame: 9.5/10 Mint Condition, typical first generation frame with X-Metal. The first generations were a lot rougher than todays frames and there are some "buffs" on the frame but nothing worth specific mention.

Serial: First Generation X021813.

Rubbers: 10/10. Mint Condition.

Box: No Box.

Price: $585 USD. Payment to be made via PayPal friends/gift.

Additional: Will be sent in a brand-new authentic Oakley micro bag and be packed to the EXTREME.

Shipping: International Priority Express Shipping from Australia for $45 USD. Tracking will be provided.

Guys/Gals, I take a lot of pride in my collection and I hope the purchaser enjoys them as much as I have. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to mention below or contact me directly via PM.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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