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  1. DG85

    DG85 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I shipped my Finito frames in for service on June 6th, it appears I'll be finally getting them back on the 12th! Freaking woot!!

    It shouldn't have taken so long...but I threw a curveball at them. I had been out of the X Metal game for a while....and when I returned this year...I sold off my Ichiro's and XS to make room for a couple of Juliets.

    So...I went to the local O store and picked up a pair of Ice and VR28BIP...and their last pair of Ruby. Unfortunately, one of the lenses was not cut properly and wouldn't fit in my frame, the manager of the store gave me a substantial discount to buy the lenses along with 4 sets of rubbers and told me to send in my frames for service (which I was going to anyways) and include the receipt with the lenses.

    They replaced the lenses, but as they have been on back order for quite some time, it delayed the process. I had to call back 5 times to keep reminding them... and they got shipped yesterday!

    Since I shipped out the frames, I've added to my collection of lenses.

    Now I have my used pair of VR50 Finito's and some scratched up G30's.
    2 brand new pairs of IH Violet
    Titanium Polarized (in the mail!)
    Emerald!!! The O Store on Michigan Ave here in Chicago had the LAST pair in the company. It apparently was stuck in the back of a drawer and wasn't in their inventory. It did have a few micro scratches on one of the lenses...but they gave me 20% off. I called sales over the phone when I left, and yea, none there either. This was yesterday.

    Now I need a another frame to hold all these lenses. I'm on the hunt for Xmetal or another Carbon.
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