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2011/2012 Oakley Eyewear Catalogue


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Here is the 2011 Oakley Eyewear catalogue that they send to dealers. I have seen a few members post a few pics of individual pages, but here is the digital copy. Below are just some pics of my favorite pages, but you can download the full pdf at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!
Also check out the 2012 Footwear Catalogue: 2012 Oakley Footwear Catalogue | Oakley Forum
And the 2012 Apparel Catalogues: 2012 Oakley Apparel Catalogues




  • Oakley_Sun_2011.pdf
    2.4 MB · Views: 2,415
I'm uploading the 2012 Apparel Catalogues as we speak should be up soon, i'll post a link in here to the thread, stay posted...

*Update* They are up, check out the link in the first post.
don't know if those are ever going to be released or not. i hope so!

All these years and Oakley has yet to master an FMJ that doesn't have issues. They had a similar issue with the non FMJ Atomic Orange on the Jawbone which was delayed for months because, somehow, they put them into production and THEN discovered the peeling problem. I'm still disturbed by price point as well.