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Love em R1s
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Strip town
well guys the season is coming up let us know whats happening with your fave team. My team on the west the clips are strong this year with a lot of additions on the east side well as usual cavs are the faves, but the heat I am sensing will be great this year can be a contender that guy whiteside is a freak. @QLR1 hawks well still the same :p.

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That's sad. I heard of him, but I didn't make the T-Wolves connection. RIP.

Gotta support my Charlotte Hornets! They are looking strong this year with the addition of Jeremy Lin and Frank Kaminsky.

Season openers coming up on tnt well Qs team not televised. Should be good game tonight.
Sad. At least Thursday's Hawks game is televised on TNT.

I hate these ancient blackout policies. Only ways for me to watch the Hawks is to hope they are on TNT, ESPN, or when they play the Orlando Magic. I am beyond screwed.