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Rockets will probably pan out with one of two extremes — something ridiculously good, or the team blow itself to pieces. The major upside is that Harden and Westbrook are presumably buddy boys. It may just click. It's cool that they get to reunite and take a shot at gang banging Kevin Dursnake.

OKC got a good deal with gnabbing those picks, and I think that rips off the band-aid. Both sides knew Russ had to move on. Even if his play wasn't necessarily conducive to winning, I'd believe he gave them everything he could — sans like, taking more time to learn how to shoot better. But after his ACL injury he has been running the break and I don't think I've seen him do a soft dunk. The lackluster playoffs and PG leaving was probably the telling point for all sides to split up. I

Who knows what happens to CP3 next. Kinda sad, but multiple players have called him a bad teammate, he got an insanely inflated contract, maybe leveraging his NBAPA presidential status. You could tell by his body language and BS flopping the guy just doesn't have the care to play right — when he sure as hell can/could. It's a shame, because he's surely one of the best point guards in history.

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I can't wait! I'm really hoping D Howard has something left in the tank. Because honestly, I like McGee , he's gotten a lot smarter the last couple seasons... But he gets gassed like no other.


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JaVale McGee is a favored starter over Dwight Howard and Carmelo for that matter on LeBron's team, and Westbrook is favored over Chris Paul.

What a time to be alive.


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WB would be favored over CP in all 12 countries on this planet...

Because there are only 12 or so, if I remember correctly...

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