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2021-? The Joe B presidential accomplishments thread

How can anyone pick a giant douch over a turd sandwich? 😆 🤣


holy crap, Jimmy Kimmel and his YouTube viewers comments are scary.... are there really people in the US that are this retarded, or are they just trolls like nikmel and broc? I know of course they can be both, like broc, but still!

I mean this sh it can't be real, right... right?


JoAnne Filler

16 hours ago
I always enjoy Jimmy's updates, he's so right on and gives us nothing but TRUTH, loving it.

1 reply


Sunny DAze

10 hours ago
I really enjoyed him too, The only thing I don’t like is when he makes fun of Biden. It makes me nervous. I’m afraid people are going to take Jimmy seriously & agree with him that Biden is too old to run. Even though he might be! If he runs I will still vote for Biden because we have to make sure set a republican does not win. !!


Sigh, tagged again....apparently I live rent free in these morons heads.
Still can't stand a damn foreigner know more than them, fukking weak!...... tell me more is all broc constantly can mutter, how about you tell me more!
How about posting some accomplishments of your great leader and the man you voted for.
Goes for dikmel as well. I am all 👂