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2021-? The Joe B presidential accomplishments thread

Finally found a list of some accomplishments.
Insane and low IQ take by that person and nikmel, of course, but that surprises no one.

Of those two things...... i wonder which one would have the most murders and rapes 🤔

What do you think nikmel?
Where has multiculturalism ever been a success?

In my neighboring country Sweden, murder and rapes have skyrocketed since they let in an enormous amount of migrants.
Guns are not allowed in Sweden, yet 312 people have been shot dead in Sweden since September 2016.
The migrants have guns, regular citizens do not!

In a country like Japan, where they only let in very very few foreigners, they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

So which do you prefer?

And would you dare to call Japan a yellow nationalist fascist state?
He actually really wasnt by his day either. The dudes who broke into watergate were running opps for the 4th floor(cia) and their goal supposedly was to get nixon. Like a warlock hunt or something, little familiar.
I believe he may have been squeaky clean when compared to the clowns running things nowadays.

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