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3 Pairs of X-Metals Lost or Stolen - Please be on the Lookout!


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Hello OF,

I am really disappointed to report that several of my recently acquired X-Metals have been lost or stolen.

I spent the last couple months hunting down some really nice X-Metals, and purchased:

1) Mars Crater
2) XX
3) Penny

I will post pics of all 3 pairs. The Crater and Penny have serial numbers, but the XX does not.

I shipped all of these, along with 24K and Jade Straightlink lenses (as donors) to @Chet Manley for some of his incredible customizing work. The Mars Crater has Silver Dillon lenses that were purchased by @Scarface. Chet was going to unmount the Dillons and mail the lenses using the packaging and postage I included (another small kick in the teeth). Serhat knows I will reimburse him for the Dillon lenses, if they are indeed lost for good. I wouldn't leave anyone feeling the way I'm feeling now.

The only problem is, the box never arrived.

USPS tracking says the box was Delivered, and Left with Individual, but we know that's false. No one was home at the time, and the letter carrier signed on behalf of the recipient... so the tracking info, as provided by the USPS, is false. USPS Geo-Tracking shows that the package was scanned in front of Chet's house, but that doesn't mean it was actually left there. There is no photo of the delivery attached to the tracking. It could have been left on the porch and stolen, or it could've been left at a neighbor's house by mistake, or the letter carrier may have never left the package to begin with. The USPS says they are going to knock on some doors to see if anyone has the package, or if anyone saw anything unusual. They also said they would leave some letters in neighbor's mailboxes, in case someone might know something.

I would prefer this thread not turn into anything other information. It's not funny; I'm down and pissed off. What's the purpose of this thread? I was hoping you could keep your eyes peeled for these glasses, in case someone is dumb enough to post them for sale on eBay, Mercari, Offer-Up, etc. I'm watching, but can't be everywhere. If anyone sees anything, or has some useful information to offer, please feel free to post. Here are pics and serial numbers (for the Crater and Penny) of the glasses.

Mars Crater
View attachment 890537View attachment 890538View attachment 890539

Polished Penny
View attachment 890543View attachment 890544View attachment 890546

Non-Serialized XX - Trashed Lenses (already tossed)
View attachment 890548View attachment 890549View attachment 890550

I`ve heard a lot of complains about USPS delivery

thats sad!

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