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I should Work at Oakley
For my 3000 post I will show my cabinet with my display. I have a single metal tower and a metal cube.
Top shelf is the elite Pit Boss 1 collection:

Matte black/black iridium polarized, Polished black/black iridium polarized, Matte rootbeer/tungsten iridium polarized, Tron/ice iridium polarized, Ducati/vr28black iridium polarized. Tron pb1 box, ducati pb1 box and regular elite pb1 box.

Next shelf is my metals:

XX: xmetal/gold iridium, plasma/ice, 24k/24k, TiO2/black iridium
Juliet: plasma/violet iridium
Half X: plasma/tungsten
Romeo 2: carbon/black iridium
Romeo: titanium/tungsten
Penny: titanium/vr28black iridium
Romeo, Juliet, Half X, Penny, XX coins. Large X metal vault. Flying Tigers blue, Devil's brigade, IH, Propaganda and Fuente pins.

M Frame shelf:

M Frame crystal black/+red iridium strike, M Frame gold mine/gold iridium strike, M Frame heritage release polished black/ fire iridium strike. M Frame/grey MW3 strike lens, M Frame 2.0/Tr22, M Frame 3.0/TR45 with helo kit. Ruby clear strike lens. Custom oakleyforum member coin. Tested drop test lens. B1B holiday grips. Heritage guitar pick.

Special Edition Shelf:

IH Split Jacket. Ferrari Carbon Blades. Ducati X Squared. X Squared and IH coin. Ferrari and IH vaults. Breast Cancer pins.

Sport Shelf:

Radar polished black/fire iridium path. Radarlock polished black/black iridium path. Mag M Frame/black iridium strike. M2 polished white/jade. Radar and radarlock POP cards. Olympic pins. Hobbit pin. Display block. Jupiter pin. Heritage pin.


Aluminum C Six.


Timebomb 2.

If anyone is interested I can take better pictures of any frames. I only need one more x metal to complete the collection. I only need the radar EV to complete my radar collection. Thank you for the people that have helped my collection grow. I have made many friends on this forum and enjoyed all of the interactions.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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O-Addict, the dark side calls me....
Premium Member
Madrid - Spain
Awasome stuff @thisguy and congrats in your 3000 posts ;) pb1 rox :)

It has been a pleasure to contribute my bit in this wonderful collection
I love all you have!!!



sweet setup! congrats on the milestone. what is your last metal? Mars? or X squared?

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