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4 Dollars For My Oil Rigs...


I should Work at Oakley
So we order some pizza tonight and I'm a few minutes early so I decide to walk into the pawn shop 1/2 a block down from the pizza place. I asked if they have any glasses and he points me to the end of the counter and there are only 2 pairs, some generic pair and a pair of polished black with silver ghost text Oil Rigs. I look them over to make sure they aren't fake or beat up and besides a few minor scratches on the lenses they are extremely nice. I ask what he wants for them and he thinks for a second and says 4 dollars. Talk about luck...
4 bucks for a text frame. . .
damn so many stupid people out there!

pretty good grab double!! congrats.
<We cut to the Oakley Forum Awards Ceremony>

. . . and the winner . . . of the Oakley Forum Award for "World's Most Amazing Pick-Up Ever" . . . goes to . . . .

<opens envelope> . . .

. . . it's Double . . . for his, frankly unbelievable, $4 text Oil-Rig pick-up.

<applause . . . . jealous, jealous, applause>

<Voice-Over - "Well done to Double - his second award of the event - to go with his "Luckiest Oakley-Collector Alive" award>

<Double approaches microphone to make his acceptance speech . . . >