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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by Mikkelf, 10/11/11.

  1. Mikkelf


    Just got my 4th pair of Jawbones. They are slightly used but in great condition. Only a little dirt that can be removed easily.....and pretty cheap for the danish market. Bought them for around 90 US$. It is a custom pair of Jawbones in the colors Team Navy Blue frame, Team Orange jaws, team bright orange icon and matte black thrubolts.

    Will probably mostly use the parts for customization.

    4th Pair Of Jawbones Arrived - 6233532983_1a397ccd89_z.jpg

    Is there a thread somewhere on how to change the icons on Jawbones? I have been trying to search for it but without luck...

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. del518


    I don't think there is a thread on how to remove icons from jawbones...specifically. I asked about this in a thread a while back and most said to use some heat as they are attached with some adhesive. I have never tried it....so you may want to wait for some other to chime in.

  3. Mikkelf


  4. Mikkelf


    Aaaand...tadaaa....after a short makeover the new (used) Jawbones looks like this:

    Team Navy Blue frame, Team Red jaws, Pearl Thrubolt, white icons and white earsocks

    4th Pair Of Jawbones Arrived - 6233645719_5362145cf5_z.jpg

    Man I love customizing...

  5. Oakley_Sight


    These look good. You got your other sorted yet?

  6. Mikkelf


    I still have not found a well priced retina burn frame, so until then I have made an OCP Jawbone of the following

    Silver frame, Team light blue jaws, retina burn thrubolt - and it matches the sulphur oakley outfit pretty good.

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