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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Outsiders CC

    Today I have 5 pairs up for grabs. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees.

    I'm fairly new here but sell a lot on eBay and can provide my eBay info upon request. I will also be listing these on eBay as well.

    1)Gray smoke Sraight Jacket with brand new, installed today Fire Red Polarized Walleva lenses and earsocks. Frame has a few small scratches here and there. Maybe 7-8/10 or better and lenses and earsocks are 10/10 see photos. 70.00 SOLD

    2) Crankcase History Text with Black Iridium Polarized lenses (OEM). Almost new condition. A few small scratches on frame. Not really noticeable. Lenses look clean 8-9/10 overall condition. See photos. 75.00 USD SOLD

    3) Gray Smoke Antix with 24k Polarized brand new Walleva lenses. Overall 10/10 can't find any defects. See photos. 85.00 USD SOLD

    4) Red Mettalic Fives Squared with grey Polarized lenses (OEM). Frames are in good shape. Some small surface scuffs but hardly noticeable. Lenses I would replace. Frame 9/10 lenses 5/10 see photos. 45.00 USD

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Buy with confidence my fellow members - awesome guy to deal with :welcome:
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