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5k post


Love em R1s
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WOW i cant believe i would reach this point. I joined the forum about more than a year ago. I believe almost the same time as kronin did.

I started collecting about around 2002 i believe. My fisrt pair was a mars ( traded to a friend here). Then found the juliets and loved it. My first two pairs were juliet ti clear which i won on ebay for 380 at that time and polished blue irids, both i still have btw. My addiction did not stopped there till i reached 14 pairs i believe of various x metals. Then the sad part happened i stopped at around 2009 so i missed out on the 24ks bummer.

One day i got into a fight with somebody and that someone broke one of my pairs that was dearest to me 2012 i believe so. So i started browsing if anybody can fix my juliet. It was my ichiro polished frame with emeralds here is the pic. That's how I discovered this forum unfortunately my frame cant be fixed so it was passed on to a forum member for experimentation. I was a lurker at first but as time goes by I started to make deals with members and that got me going into collecting again. You can say that it got me going and ignited the fire into collecting once again. The rest is history.


Current cabinet

Some of the pieces i acquired.








I have two more cases that needs filling that would be my 6 k post lol.

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Congatulations on your 5004th post. :)

It's nice to see how your progress has come along and how you have become totally addicted ;)

Hope the next 5000 serves you well. :D

Congrats on hitting over 5,000 posts, thanks for the story, hopefully you won the fight, to bad your Juliets didn't :(

Awesome x-metal collection

Congrats on 5K my friend. You have been a asset to the forum and I have enjoyed our conversations. Your case looks awesome!!

Very nice, and congrats!

Yeah you joined like two weeks before me, end of Dec '13 to my mid-Jan '14...

I want to hear more of the story about the fight... ;)
OHHHHH MYYYYYYY okay ill tell yah lol. I got into a fight with wifey. She took my glasses and dared to break it and "pardon my words" bitch ass broke it lol. After that we got into a discussion that she will never ever get close to my glasses ever again. I told her the cost of one and she was very very sorry after that incident she never touched any oakleys I bought and made any comment about it. We had a fight though about the concept studios lol.