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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by stoudty1, 9/29/11.

  1. stoudty1


    Ordered 2 pair of the Transformer 3D Gascan's last Sunday (September 18). I still have not received them and the website says the status of my order is "Received". I called and they said they are upgrading their system and the order will ship but they cant tell when it shipped or provide me with a tracking number. I have dealt with them in the past and got the item 4 days after I ordered it.

    Did anyone else order around this time period and are you having the same problems that I am? I called yesterday and it says the phones will be down until next week while the "upgrade" the system. I cant wait any longer. I want my glasses!!!!!!!!

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD


    I think you'll just have to be patient. I've never dealt with 6pm.com, but given that they're in the middle of upgrading their systems there's not much that can be done. I'm sure you'll get your glasses eventually. How does 6pm.com ship? USPS? FedEx? UPS?

  3. hey bud, call them and tell them you need to cancel your order, cuss them out a little bit, and let them know how bad their service is. that's the only way you're going to get them to ship anything to you. i've ordered from them before. they're a f***ng hassle. They won't let you cancel your order because "its probably already been shipped" but if they do, you should consider doing it. I've ordered several times, it takes forever to receive packages, even when i pay for overnight shipping. and their excuse is always "upgrading system"

  4. They ship USPS for standard and UPS for expedited, however they claim if you order before 1pm PST they ship out same day, but they end up shipping 4-10 days later because of their "system problems". They're an absolute nightmare.

  5. NiGHTSx2


    Johnny is right. A lot of times, you can't even complete the order online due to web site issues. And even if you do, you pretty much have to call them or the package is never going to ship. I don't get why their service is so crappy when they're a division of zappos, who has great service. ...oh yeah, and thoroughly inspect the shades when you get them. I've read horror stories about used/returned items being shipped from 6pm =(

  6. Hed568


    contrary to your experiece, i have always been lucky with 6pm... just give it a few more days if you can still wait... but with tf3 being released this fri, im sure you can't wait =)

  7. stoudty1


    The status of my order now says "shipped" and they have a tracking number. It only took them 11 days to process the order. I tried calling again, but you can not connect to anyone on the phone. They are apparently closed and are hoping to be open again on Monday. Their prices seem to be pretty good if you can catch a sale, but I'm not sure the customer service, or lack thereof, is worth the savings.

  8. bouncing_boy77


    glad to know things worked out! been thinking whether to order those tf gascans from them.

  9. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member


    11 days is not to bad . . .
    try to order something from oakley


  10. echav23


    Same here...the only problem I had was I received my shipping confirmation the day after my shippment actually arrived:blink:

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