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A CL Transaction With Baby Jesus.... I Think.

So i met this guy last night to sell some beat up oil rigs i had posted on CL about 3 or 4 days ago...
and i had some gascans (with fire lenses) on my head...and this guy has the nerve to ask me if they're fake.
so...i just took them off my head and handed them to him...he said... "yup...they don't have the o's marked into the frame"
and i still..politley explained to him that gascans don't have them...and so forth....
and then he let me know that he had some at home...and he was pretty sure they did.
(this whole thing has nothing to do with the oil rigs i'm selling the guy,he was just trying to be a smart ass)
he said he had some... dark hunter...or army green ones that he picked up at a local pawn shop about a month ago.
my eyes lit up...lol. I've been wanting some soviets for THE LONGEST TIME.
but i can't get a decent deal on any...haha.
well...i followed him home about 2 or 3 miles down the road.... he walks inside
and comes out with some soviets :(

i tried not to seem interested,explained what they were and told them they were kinda cool.
so..he ended up picking the oil rigs up, and...now...i want those soviets.
he said he wasnt going to be wearing them anymore since he picked mine up.

What should i offer the guy?
No Box..No bag.
but i won't be displaying these...i'll definitely be wearing them often.

I'm not sure what to offer him. i know he doesnt know he has soviets.lmao.
You should've offered a trade on the spot. Maybe have said something like, "Hey if you're not going to wear them, i'll take them off your hands for $XX bucks :)
I got super lucky and picked mine up for $45, bag and pin (no box). I would probably ask look for faults in it, see what he wants, and offer a modest amount that you seem fit. Just mainly explain that these go down in value without those items, and you can probably snag them much cheaper than you think!
I got lucky lol. The guy who sold it to me was very nice and never wore them himself, so he wanted to give them to a collector who would appreciate them.