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  1. Mikkelf

    Mikkelf Oakley Beginner

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    Sunglassesshop.com were offering 20% off their prices the past weekend so I ordered an Infrared/Photochromic Radarlock. Mostly to use for mountainbiking as the light changes often in the forests that I ride in (and I happened to misplace my Jawbone with Photochromic lenses...bummer). This is my secong Radarlock and I am loving this frame more and more (as opposed to my original attitude towards it).

    Love the photochromic clear/black lenses as well.

    A Couple Of New Sportsframes...and Almost A Cheap Display - 8049756929_2edc14018e_c.jpg

    Then last week I again had the opportunity to go to the danish Oakley agent's sample sale. That generally means 75% discount on current frames and clothes. A lot of Racing Jackets available and a lot of Goggles including the new canopy although in colors i didn't like. So I settled for a pair of New Racing Jackets in Mette White with JAde Iridium lenses. Normally comes with clear lenses as well but I managed to get a set of light grey instead. ALl at a very competitive price to say the least :).

    A Couple Of New Sportsframes...and Almost A Cheap Display - 8049762654_de2b5fa2df_c.jpg

    Really like the jade iridium and this frame will match my polished white/jade iridium Radarlock pretty good.

    Almost managed to buy a very cheap display (single, 180 cm tall....not me...the display..). But the seller chose to hand it of to another buyer the day before I should pick it up. Bummer.

    Still a good week though.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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