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For Sale A couple of Ruby items for sale

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Hello folks!
Some items of my collection are up for sale.
There's an explanation also why they're for sale (normally I wouldn't think about selling any of those but...) here we go:

1st - Holbrook [Nick Hayden] OO9102-14 - US$200,00 + shipment
I don't have the original box but it's on my way, I should have it by December (I'm in the middle of a move). If you don't actually need it we can move forward with the sale anyways. Never used, displayed on my collection only.
Reason for selling: I found a rare SGH Matte Clear one, as I only need one for my collection (I collect Rubies not Holbrooks) I thought about selling those since I'm not particularly attached to Nick Hayden or the Ducati Signature Series. Also I have so many glasses with black frames on my collection, adding a white one sounds like a good idea.

2nd - Batwolf [Matte Black Ink] OO9101-38 - US$100,00 + shipment
I do have the box for this one. I got the Batwolf [Spain Edition] from my buddy Oakleynerd, which is the one I really wanted to go together with my Fuel Cell [England Edition] so... like the Holbrook, I don't need another Batwolf in my collection. This one though, I did use a couple times. I don't have a Frogskins in my group of sunglasses I wear daily so I decided to give it a try but I didn't work out (it doesn't really fit me...). So it's up for grabs. It's on very good condition of course, I think I only used it three times.

3rd - please check on the X-METAL section, it's a Custom Ducati Juliet with 2nd Gen Rubies. Especially if you have an Echelon RADAR available ehheehe Thank you!

NOTE: I'm looking for the following and I would consider a trade (let me know what you have and we start a discussion):
Antix [Polished Black - Ruby Iridium] South Africa Rugby Special Edition
Catalyst Ferrari Collection [Matte Black - Ruby Iridium] --> OO9272-07
Oil Rig II [Polished Black - Ruby Iridium] --> 26-250
--Echelon-- RADAR Vented VR50 Ruby Photochromic

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Some people reacted to this post.
Batwolf not available anymore, Holbrook still here!
Anyone interested? Open to offers.

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Here some detailed pictures (Holbrook)!




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More pictures (non-HDR this time)!



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Open to offers on the Holbrook!

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Do you still have the ruby lenses for juliet?

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Holbrook sold
Batwolf sold
Juliet pending, available for exchange!

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