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A deal I couldn't resist! O Vault awesomness!


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So, I was on the O Australia facebook last night and they mentioned a 2 pair for $99 for selected models at Brisbane and Sydney Vaults. So I thought I'd drop on in when they opened this morning as it's only a 10 min drive away hoping to maybe score a couple of pairs of Antix or similar..

So I rock in and have a look, they had their 2 for $99 shelf, 2 for $149 shelf and then I saw the bonanza in the top right side of the display 2 for $199.. included on the shelf staring at me was a Ducati Juliet and Plasma with Ice Juliet (Along with some Half X and Romeo 2's.. eww). I asked if the Juliets were included to which they replied "yes" so I said "I'll take 'em!" so I go up to the counter to inspect the two pairs, and the Ice model was the Polarized version! SCORE!

I almost got 2 pairs of Antix as well, but I thought better of it!

VERY happy to say the least! I think the Ice lenses will go into my Ti02's which are off for a tune up!

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damn, that is an awesome deal! congrats on those awesome pick-ups!

I thought so too! I was tempted to grab 4 pairs at the time!

How bout some pics of the actual glasses? What was the selection of Antix like?

I've already grabbed the T-6 and swapped the Ice lenses and put them into the carbon frame. Antix selection was pretty basic. They had some Moto GP ones and some ones with Aussie Icons which I almost picked up.

You should've went back for the Romeo 2's. People will pay for those.

Great score on both Juliets! Awesome price!

Maybe, but I won't have any use for them so I was happy to leave them for people who might like them!


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I see a roadtrip on short notice here!!!!! Looks like I will be making phone calss and heading out in the morning......