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  1. Manish

    Manish Oakley Collector

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    Hello and Good day to all.
    It has been only a few months and being only 31 posts old, you would still consider me to be a newbie on the forum.
    Though, not being a newbie as far as my love for Oakley is concerned, it all started with an unintended purchase of the Half jacket that a frugal looking driver was wanting to trade in for some gas for his pick-up way back in 2003 in Dallas, Texas.
    It cost me about 45 dollars to fill her up (thank goodness, she wasn’t already empty) and it was then that the love affair with Oakley began.
    In 2004, I mustered the courage (while still a student and graduating shortly) to buy my first X-metal, the Juliet with Black iridium lens paying 300 dollars that begged justification my end. But again, I had not and have not seen anything like it before and hence convinced myself into getting one.
    Shortly, in 2005 I got hired by a German MNC that brought me to Tennessee. A move with the company to Pennsylvania in 2006 allowed my Juliet’s and several other prized possessions to get stolen (thanks to the misery caused by the relocation company).
    It took me a while to get back into vesting interest and dollars into Oakley as priorities and circumstances changed.
    I was on the lookout for something bigger than a Juliet (I have protruding eyes) and finally got me the XX from the Oakley vault in Pottstown, PA in 2009. This still remains by favorite pair.
    Over the years, I have added a few to my collection and added the second X-metal (X-squared) in 2011 prior to a move to Germany.
    It was only recently that I became aware that the X-metals have not been in production since 2012 making it "AN OBJECT OF DESIRE" for me.
    I never ebayed until my new found desire and hence acquired the Juliet and Mars crater recently.
    And since joining the forum, have acquired the last 4 pairs in the list.
    As a lot of you may already know that homes and apartments in Europe are generally not as flamboyant as in the US, I store all my sunglasses in their respective cases/boxes in available drawers in my storage cabinet.
    One of these days, sure will bring them out (possibly spread them out on the bed) and get you a pic but for now only a pdf attachment of the items I possess is what I can manage.
    I need to mention this….there is a sense of warmth in the forum that I have experienced as a newbie and that totally justifies the rate at which this community keeps growing.
    Yes, I regret not having been part of the forum earlier but hey….Better late than never.
    Honestly, to the administrators, moderators, experts, fellow members/collectors….great work this and keep it up.
    With warm wishes and kind regards.
    (eagerly waiting to return to the US and then be able to meet many of you in person)

    and hope that was not too boring to browse........

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  2. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    Nice diversity of glasses, sorry about the loss of your prized possessions, I hate movers!!!!
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  3. Teetogreen

    Teetogreen Oakley Collector

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    Welcome aboard
  4. Dieseltech

    Dieseltech Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Welcome and nice collection!
  5. pjd1234

    pjd1234 X METAL NERD

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    welome sir
  6. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Welcome to the forum!
  7. MJLSr

    MJLSr Oakley Expert

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    :welcome: That is quite a broad brush you paint with your collection - thanks for sharing!

    and that was not too boring to browse...

    We actually encourage that type of behavior around here, sharing, stories, meaning, purpose... beyond... reason!!!!!!! :D