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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by walkerhonda243, 9/27/11.

  1. walkerhonda243


    Foose Gascan, Foose Jupiter, Transformers 3D Gascan, C100 Gascan, TLD Fuel Cell, Telemex Eyepatch

    Bob Polarized Display, Insanely Twisted Rabbits display (nothing to do with Oakley lol), Hatchet, Silver and Brown, SI Gascan US Flag Icon, Sold Out Jupiter and USC Fuel Cell

    Splice Crystal Black/Silver/Ice and Rootbeer/Gold/Brown, Italy Radar, Taca Fuel Cell, 10th Mountain Gascan, Splatter Hijinx and Alinghi Split Jacket
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  2. Oakley_Sight


    Love those C100 gascan

  3. SpliceD


    Rootbeer Splice!!! OMG i'm drooling.

    Loving the Trojans Fuel Cell. That one is next on my list.

  4. walkerhonda243


    Those C100 are one of my favorites too..And SpliceD, I stole those rootbeer splice lol not literally, just got a really good deal on em. And I'm not a rootbeer fan at all, but these are awesome so glad I bought em. And the Trojan Fuel Cells are awesome, great graphics!! You won't be disappointed when ya get em.

  5. SpliceD


    Interesting that you bought the USC frames and you're in Louisiana. Are you a SC fan? My wife went to USC for undergrad and grad so she's a die-hard SC fan. We try to go see the football games when we can.

    I'm looking to collect as many of the Splice colorways as i can. If you ever decide to part with them, please keep me in mind :smile:

    Oh and did you forget to post pics of one of your shelves? I see a Racing/Water jacket poking out there...

  6. walkerhonda243


    I'm not a big fan of SC, but being the history between SC and Oakley, I had to have a pair. That and they look awesome lol. I'm more of an LSU fan lol And if I ever decide to part with them, I'll give ya first dibs on em. I never bought the splice because I thought they were bigger frames and lens. But I was WAY wrong lol I fricken love em now. And yeah, that's my "not so collectible items" shelf lol The racing jackets are there because I'm selling those.

  7. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    i like you Telemex and USC Fuel Cell . . .
    great collection!

  8. rolondo


    Italy Radars

    I freaking LOVE those Italy Radars. I want a pair like that badly!

  9. yoshi1984


    lol, this answered my earlier question of what that pink thing was on that shelf, it's a bunny with a spike ball..random lol.
    love that Telemex Eyepatch, very sexy pair.

  10. Herbsley


    No-one has congratulated you on having Wires (your Hatchets) in you display case.

    In a world of X-metal and O-matter overload ... Well done sir.

    Wires are under-rated.

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