Should I keep it this 12 Gauge?

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Hi Guyz, I have a question for you and I am very much interested in your opinion. I have been in struggle for several years and I need some advice.

So about 6 years ago I participated in an Oakley context among all european optical retailers and I won it, I mean I answered several technical question about Oakley sunglasses and I was in first place in Europe.
And that was a great achievement for me.

Oakley Europe (or Lux, if you prefer) did not advertise much at all this context, anyway I got this prize:

By the way I never really liked this watch because I feel it too big for my little wrist, I can't feel it tight and I am not a big fan of chrono watches.
So the watch has been sitting in its beautiful box.
I seldomly used it in case of some O event.

So now the big question is: should I keep it in its vault in memory of what I consider a professional achievement or should I exchange it with something I like and I would use?

Please let me know your opinion! I also created a poll to record your opinion :hi:

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