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A Portion Of The Collection


I should Work at Oakley
New Jersey
Don't mind the spy display that they are all in. I got the display as a gift from a friend and didn't have to spend $500 on it so it works...

On a better note this is a part of my collection. The more fun stuff. I wear nearly all of my Oakley's on a regular basis so they are kind of all over the place. These guys are worn less or on special occasions only so I tend to keep them on display.

Whole shot of what is in this display. Ranges from the C-Six to the leather wrap straight jacket.


Just a better shot of the top 2 shelves in this display.


Hope you enjoy!
cool portion!!!
i have to grab one of those Infinite Hero models.
hmmm which one should i choose?!?!
probably i will try to get all over the time....

i like your set up! you needs stands ;)
Thanks man. I have a bunch of stands and random things but I never got around to setting anything up. Eventually I think it might be necessary if I end up trying to fit everything in this display.