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Sold A similar yet different duo for sale.

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Hi all. Yesterday thanks to a fellow member and friend here.....I was able to aquire a personal grail. It's a Australian radarlock chrome gold and green with ruby athlete exclusive. I paid probably more than I should of for it last night but I couldn't let it go. There's actually another one listed now without lenses. If I could I would have bought that one too. Anyway. I need to generate about 550ish today in things I don't wear or doubles I have around. That being said this trio I'd like to have go together. They are similar in only that the frog prototype sorta matches the planet x sub zero. The two are new and unused. The frog prototype is neat in its own right. It has grey lenses. The planet x is brand new, unused and complete.. Anyway looking to get 300 for the 2 pairs. I think it's fair. 150 for the planet x 150 for the frogs. I need them to go together though. Otherwise I'd have to charge more individually.
Everything u see here is what's included. Thanks all.
Reach out and let's chat



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That frog is awesome!

Some people reacted to this post.
Username Hidden said:
That frog is awesome!
Here's what the other one I have looks like with ruby

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