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  1. Jammez

    Jammez Oakley Beginner

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    Hi Folks

    New to the site & I've been inspired by the custom work on here to have a go myself. I've got an old pair of black a-wires with black lenses that have seen better days - lenses are totally wrecked with scratches and the frames aren't much better. I've taken the lenses out and have polished the black off the frames & now have a highly polished chrome look to the frames which I'm really pleased with. Any recommendations on the lenses to go for - I've seen various brands for sale on ebay and I'm thinking of putting in some red lenses, are there any brands that are better to go for?

    Will post some pictures of the frames & keep you updated on how they look.



    PS Lovin the site - I thought I was mad keen on Oakleys with about 10 pairs but you guys take it to a whole new level!
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  2. FuelCellForce

    FuelCellForce Oakley Beginner

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    black iridium would definitely be sick. also ice may work well also

    and trust me I know how you feel. i thought i was the only one with my issue as well, but I feel so much better amongst fellow collectors here